What are you afraid of could happen if you’d go on that dream trip of yours? Or what would happen when you get back? Or perhaps during the trip? Or maybe even before? Will you catch a disease? Go bankrupted? Loose your friends? Or maybe your kids will fall behind in school?

What But is stopping you?

What is stopping you?

One fear that ruled my life for many years and which effectively stopped me, not only from doing that dream trip I had in mind, but from going to any place located further away than what was comfortable going to with a car, train or bus, was the fear of flying. I finally came to a point where I’d had enough though. I challenged my fear of flying and don’t have that excuse any more.

This is just one example of a (usually) perceived obstacle that pops up in your mind when you start thinking about doing, or making a decision to do something new with your life. Regarding traveling, and especially long term travel and being away for months or even years, there are lots of different fears that can challenge you.

We call it the But’s: “I’d love to travel but…”

• The most common but, is usually: “I’d love to travel but I don’t have any money”.

• It is closely followed by “I don’t have the time”.

• Other areas of concern can be your Job and Career, what could happen to them if you’d just leave everything for a long time, or how would you get a permission to go?

The kids school and their friends, how to deal with that?

Diseases out there ready to throw themselves upon you as you turn up.

• And all the crime around the world and terrorism.

• And last but not least, what would your Friends and your Family say if you’d just leave everything to go traveling?

This is not to say that there’s anything wrong with having these concerns, or that they are not real. The thing is how much you let them stop you from going for what you’re dreaming about.

There’s always a solution to everything. I like to see my obstacles as a test of how much I really want to do something. If I really want something, I always find a way to overcome that obstacle.

If you think back in your life, I’m sure it’s the same with you. What did you really want at some point? Wasn’t there some challenge you had to surpass to get that…..? Yes, now remember that you did it!

We do think it’s important to have these things in mind, in fact we’ve created several pages around many of the most common But’s. Just follow the different links above or click here.

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