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We often hear people say things like “In my life, there’s no time to travel”. How often do you yourself use the expression “I don’t have the time” by the way? For many people, usually several times a day. But, how can you actually say that? Of course you have the time! What you really should be saying is something more like, “I don’t want to take the time for this” or even “I choose not to prioritise this”! Different, huh?

Do you have time to travel?

Do you have time to travel?

For people today, especially in the “western” world, you’re aware that there are so many ways you can choose to live your life. You know that “the possibilities are endless” as well as the fact that “You create your life”. So what shall you choose to be and do and have? It’s easy to get frustrated over all the alternatives that exist that you can to give your precious time to. Should you really make room for some time to travel?

If you take a look at your life right now and what you’ve filled it with, do you remember why you chose the things you did? Was it because you were totally passionate about these things? Or because someone else thought this is what you should be using some of your 657 075 hours (an average life) for? Or, are you using your time to do whatever you’re doing at the moment, so you can do something else that’ll make you happy later, in the future? If that’s the case, why not be happy now as well? Time is on your side!

You are given this amount of time, 24 hours every day. What do you want to do with it (yes, more choices)? What do you want to use the next 8760 hours (1 year) for? Or the next six months? Or next month? Next week? Tomorrow?

When you start to look into how you really would want to use your precious time, it’s a bit like moving into a totally new home. Imagine that you have this empty new place that you’re just about to move in to. You can furnish it exactly the way you want, so what do you really want it to look like? Which of all your old stuff do you want to put in here? All of it? Maybe you want to get some new things? Or do you want to get rid of all the old ones and have everything brand new? Or maybe mix old and new? In that case, which parts of the old stuff do you want to keep? Maybe you even want to move into a totally empty place and then see, along the way, what will suite you best to fill it with?

It could be the same thing with your time. If you do an inventory of your time, what you are filling it up with at the moment? Take a look in your planner. When you look at all the “stuff” that fills up your days, your weeks, your years, what would you really want to keep? What excites you? What makes you feel depressed? What would you like to exchange for something different?

If you had an empty house or rather, an empty planner, and had the possibility to fill it with whatever you want, what would that be? Which things, from all there is to choose from, would you want to prioritize to put there in your brand new time schedule (some time to travel maybe)? What would reflect the person you are today and give your life more meaning and support you to become a happier person?

So, go get a new calendar and start fantasizing!

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