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We got this question a while back. We do get many questions and we love them so do keep them coming. Send them to Info@extendedworldtravel.com or post them in the comments below. It sure helps us to know what’s on your mind and in what way we might be able to assist you.

Anyway, the whole question was:

“I was just curious as to how possible and realistic it would be to travel for 10 years or more with little initial savings, no education past high school, and no other source of income?”

The answer to that is very simple: it is absolutely possible! But, and this is important to remember, it all depends on any specific desires you may have regarding your travels and what you want them to be like.
It’s a very common misconception that long term traveling has to be expensive. Maybe it’s because a lot of people see it as an extended one week holiday in high season, when you stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, hang out in bars every night and spend money on tourist attractions. Multiply that by 52 and you will of course get an astronomical figure for a one year journey. And if this is the way you want to travel you will need lots of money in the bank or a big steady income. For most long term travelers , this is not the way they do it though, usually because that are not their circumstances.

A lot of people who want to travel long term don’t have the money for an extravagant journey. So they have to plan accordingly and find solutions that match their situation and their desires. Even without any money saved up it is still possible to go on a long journey.

The truth is, traveling long term can often be much cheaper than staying at home! We have met many and talked to many travelers who confirm this. For instance, when you’re on the road, you don’t have all the fixed costs that come with keeping a home and staying in one place. No rent, no home insurance, no car (if you are not traveling by car that is), no electric bills, no expenses for commuting , no day care costs…

All you got is basically the expenses for food, lodging and transportation. And there are also many things you can do to keep even these at a minimum. It just takes some creativity and a willingness to find solutions.

One idea is network travel which we have written about earlier here. If you choose this way you can basically eat and sleep for free. That would mean that the only expense that remains is the actual transport. Furthermore, you can always choose to ride a bike or walk. Maybe it won’t take you around the world, although that is possible too, but will definitely keep the expenses close to zero :-) .

And this is possible to do for a year or longer. To have plenty of time absolutely makes it easier to be able to travel inexpensively. We have some friends who did just that. They used WWOOF for their network travel, and spent 5 years traveling around Europe (and this is not the cheapest part of the world). They just kept going and even became parents along the way, and then continued to be “WWOOFers” with their child.

Of course this may not be everyone’s choice. But neither are first class tickets and 5 star hotels. You just have to find whatever suites you and your circumstances.

And yes, just to be clear: Education has nothing to do with this being possible or not…

Don’t forget to write your own question in the comments :-)

There are times in our lives when we change directions. When we go from following one path and start pursuing another and go from the familiar to the more unfamiliar. Sometimes these changes are “big”, other times they are not so significant (at least not on the outer plane). Such a time of transition can be when you graduate from something, or when you get married or become a parent, or when your kids move out. It can be when you or someone close to you get an illness, or recover from one. Maybe you get laid off, or retire, or like in these days especially, you may lose a whole lot of money and are facing a totally new situation. Or why not, you might even win or inherit money, which can take you to a totally new place in your life.

In times of transition, going away and travel long term can help you see things with new eyes

In times of transition, going away and travel long term can help you see things with new eyes

Anyway, these times of big (or small) changes in our lives, these transitions from one level to another, are perfect for traveling long term. When you’re in transition you’re leaving the well known to take on something new, something you may not really know what it will be and what it will look like. And when you’re at this stage, it’s oftentimes easier to let go of the familiar, take the plunge and leave everything for a while.

The advantages with traveling at these times are many, like for example:

You totally break with the old and well known to just be and start (or continue to) find out who you are and what you want

You get perspective on things since you’re not totally stuck in well known routines you’re more open to new things, you can get ideas from everything and everyone which gives you input to how you’ll want to continue your life

You get an opportunity to break old habits that doesn’t serve you any more and which can be more difficult to change when you’re in your familiar circumstances

It can also be a great thing to travel together with other people during these times, like with your kids before they’ll move away or with your new love to really connect and get to know each others (think about honey moon).

A person we know, for example, got a “death sentence” from the doctor, that she had just a few months left to live (talk about transition time) and she decided she wanted to spend her last time traveling around. She got rid of her house and everything, bought a campervan and left for her last big trip. As you might imagine, it didn’t become her last trip. Many things happened along the way, some that even helped her recover from her disease and heal again. She not just got her life back, she also decided to start all over again and do totally new things and is now working with helping people creating an independent lifestyle.

We’ve made an interview with her so you’ll be able to learn more about her experience of how to travel long term in the near future.

There are of course a whole lot of other reasons why travel long term can be great during transition times and if you have your own ideas or your own experiences from this, you are more than welcome to share it with us here!

It just strikes me how rare it is to find families who actually travel long term. Looking at the travel community on the Internet you pretty soon realize that families are very rare. Sure there are some to be found but in comparison with all the young backpackers or single couples they are for sure a minority.

To travel long term could mean waiting for a bus in Byron Bay, Australia...

To travel long term could mean waiting for a bus in Byron Bay, Australia...

Why is this? Can it be that the common belief that you have to be young and single to be able to travel long term is so strong that families just don’t think it is possible for them? Or is it the lack of financial resources that stops families from taking off? Maybe it is the strong belief that kids has to be in school in order to be able to learn anything at all that is the main obstacle? Perhaps it could be that families just aren’t interested in longer journeys? Or is there some other reason that we haven’t mentioned?

We would really like to know what you believe is the main reason.

As you may know from previous blog posts we strongly believe that to travel long term can be very good for you and this definitely goes for families as well. Personally we are just so grateful that we as a family took off on that first longer journey many years ago. It had a major and, in our point of view, positive impact on our whole life. And we are convinced that many more families would benefit if they did something similar.

But I guess not everyone is as convinced about these benefits as I am or we would definitely find a lot more families on the road. Maybe our whole point of view on life and society in general is just very differently from most other families? Maybe what we see as benefits are obstacles for others?

• We just love spending a lot of time with our kids. Other parents my think they would go crazy if they had to spend that much time with their kids.

• We believe that long term traveling is great for strengthening the family bonds. Others may worry that their family couldn’t survive a longer journey and that they would end up “killing” each other.

• We think that the real life education that our traveling has given our kids is invaluable and nothing any school could ever offer. Others could worry that their kids will fall behind if they miss a couple of month of schooling.

• We think that the freedom and break from the very common peer pressure in schools gives the kids a good and well needed chance to develop their own personality. Others may think that time away from their friends could be harmful for them.

We would really appreciate if you took the time and gave us your opinion in the comments below on why so few families are actually embracing the opportunity of long term travel. The more families and kids that get to experience the world firsthand the better it is I believe.

Just to finish off I want to offer a couple of quotes. First this from the book “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss:

“Far from being a reason not to travel and seek adventure, children are perhaps the best reason of all to do both”.

And then Nancy from www.FamilyonBikes.org who said something similar the other day when we spoke to her and asked her why they were doing this, traveling with their twin boys on bikes from Alaska to the south of Argentina. She said:

“We wanted to take advantage of their childhood and go out and do something now.”

That opportunity won’t ever come back for sure!:lol:

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Happy New Year to you all! We hope that 2010 will be a good one to travel long term or whatever your choice might be.

Travel long term this year?

Travel long term this year?

We want to take this first day of the new decade to tell you a bit about Extended World Travel and what can be expected of us. The whole concept of website and blogging is still quite new to us and we have for sure learnt a lot of things during these 6 months or so since we started. And we have come to realize that some things may need some changing around in order for us to better be able to help and serve you.

The reason we started this blog in the first place was just that – to be able to help and serve all those of you that were asking us all theses questions about how to travel long term. Not really questions about how to do the actual traveling for an extended period of time though but more about how to make it possible in the first place. Questions like the lack of time or money or issues with work, children and school. What to do with all these kinds of everyday life issues that have to be solved even before you are able to think about where to go or how.

The desire to go on a long journey is extremely common, but for many different reasons a great majority of you who dream about this, still don’t think you can. We are here to tell and show you that you can no matter what your circumstances are! If your desire is to take off for 6 months or a year then you can! Even if you have little time, are low on cash, have a job and family and kids in school.

We have also come to realize that extended travel is not just about fulfilling a dream. It is also very powerful to travel long term and it can literally transform your life. So if you in any way are feeling stuck or feels the need for a change in your life, traveling for an extended period of time is a great way to turn your life around.

So we will kick this year of by doing some improvements to the website. We do it with the ambition to better be able to help those of you who really want to do something about this dream and turn it into a reality.

These are the major changes we are working on right now:

We want to make the website clearer and easier to navigate and therefore some things will be added whereas some things will be removed. The major part of this change will be done in the next week or two.

Our intention is to give you a new blog post 3 times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

In order to keep in contact with you, our readers, and help you keep your desire of long term traveling alive we have decided to make a newsletter. We are convinced that a long journey probably would be good for you and we want to stay true to our commitment of helping you fulfill this dream. By filling out the form in the top right hand corner you will be signing up for the newsletter.

We are right now in the process of finishing a new eBook. It will be a guide that helps you turn your dream and desire into an actual possibility. We will for sure tell you more about this in a later post. If all goes according to plan we hope to have the eBook up for sale by the end of the month.

• Still in the planning stage is to offer one-on-one coaching for those of you who are really serious about your dream of going on an extended journey or maybe even creating a traveling life style.
Because of the time demand on such a service we will only be offering this to a very limited amount of people. If you already know now that you are interested in this please let us know through our contact form and you will be first in line.

One year is of course a long time and it is difficult now to predict where life will take us by the end of it. By being as we said, new to all of this we also have to be open to go with the flow when new things happen. But until then these are the major things that are on our agenda.

We wish you all the best for 2010 and lets all make it the best year ever!

Here is an extra Happy New Year wish from our fellow countrymen in ABBA:lol:

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We’re here to encourage you to travel more. But not necessarily on that weekend to Disneyland or on that short vacation to Paris… but to travel long term. Not that there’s anything wrong with shorter trips or going to those places, it’s just not the kind of journeys we’re mostly interested in here. What we want you to do is to go away for at least 3 months, preferable much longer. And we’re not saying you have to travel around the whole world and visit every thinkable country either… Actually, you don’t even have to go such a great distance, just far enough to be able to feel that you’re away, that you are on a real journey.

When you travel long term, you never can tell where the road will take you. Who will you be when you get back home, (if you choose to go back :-))?

When you travel long term, you never can tell where the road will take you. Who will you be when you get back home, (if you choose to go back :-) )?

We’re not involved in any airline businesses, and we don’t have an interest in any travel agencies or hotel chains. What we’re interested in is what improves and transforms people lives. Your life. And to us, long term travel is one of the absolute easiest and quickest ways to do this.

If you have been following us for a while, you probably already know this since we’ve been hassling you about it all the time: “How you get the time to travel”, “How you can travel with your kids”, “Why you should go on that long journey with your spouse”….

We’d like to quote a fellow thinker here: Jeffrey Kottler, psychotherapist, author of more than 20 books, and traveler. In his book “Travel that can change your life” he writes:

“It is sheer arrogance to believe that people in my profession have cornered the market on promoting lasting personal change. Bartenders, hairdressers, taxi drivers, even friends, have been known to help people grow as a result of their interactions. I’ve wondered if real travel agents don’t do the best job of all.

Traveling can bring out in you parts of yourself that can’t be accessed any other way. Always looking for more efficient and effective ways to promote personal changes, I realized that most of the constructive growth I’ve undergone in my own life has not come from books, or the classroom, or even therapy, but from traveling – especially the kind of trip that involves not just the search for new experiences in the world, but also the time and inclination to look within”.

So you see, even the “experts” agree with us!

Now that this year is soon coming to an end, why not take that as an excuse to start fantasizing about where you’d want to travel long term? What would you like this next year to be like for you, travel wise? When do you want to leave on that journey of a life time? What do you want to do when you’re away? How will you arrange for the things at home that need to be taken care of: job, school, home, pets…..? What changes in your life and /or lifestyle do you want this transforming trip to lead to?

It may seem like a lot to deal with and your long journey may feel very far away, but believe us, if you make the decision to go for it, give it some attention and take small steps in the right direction continuously, we’re sure that 2010 will be the year when you’ll experience that dream trip of your life for real!

And continue to follow us, We’ll be here to encourage you on your way. To be able to do this even better, we’re planning some changes of this site. We’re working on simplifying a bit, adding some things and taking out other to make it easier to give you support in different ways so you can become a world traveler too.. So hang on and keep your eyes open for what we can do to help you on your journey to your journey!

The job is very often the reason why people can’t travel long term. It’s usually presented to us like a fact that nothing can be done about. These people see themselves as more or less trapped by their job and their need for it, and therefore are unable to travel long term. Or maybe they just use their job as an excuse for maintaining a dream without the need to do anything about it? Anyway hearing something like this I do feel a lot of compassion. I just wish that those who put this limitation on themselves could raise their head and realize that the only thing really stopping them is their own mind. It is not their job. It is the choice they are making.

I can’t travel long term, I have a job…

I can’t travel long term, I have a job…

Writing this I am reminded of something I used to tell myself way back. I always have a choice! And yes, I must admit I used to try and convince others about this as well, but not always successfully though. I realize now that this little idea about always having a choice has probably had a major influence on my life. Every time I tell myself, or run into someone who starts of by saying “You have to…” my mind goes “WHY? ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS? ISN’T THERE ANOTHER WAY?” And to me the answer always is: YES. I might not like it but there is for sure another choice I could make…
This little idea gives me control over my life and freedom to choose whatever I like.

Did I get off track here? Maybe, but the thing is, even if you hold a steady job, it’s still possible to go away and travel long term. You just have to open up your mind to the possibility that there is a solution and then keep looking for it until you find it.

One solution to the job situation I came across is in this article about a man who continued to work full time as he travel long term. More precisely he went on a six month road trip with his wife throughout the US. It might not be your ideal way of doing it but it sure shows that it is possible.

The Norwegian author Jo Nesbø, that we wrote about a little while back was so overworked that he just demanded a 6 month leave. Getting back to the office after the 6 month he just realized that working there was not what he wanted. Brook Silva-Braga that we also wrote about did the same thing. Took time off to travel and then never returned to his old life in the office.

Maybe the job that is stopping you from going on an extended journey is something you’ll not be too eager to hang on to anyway when the day of your return comes.

And if you are worried about your career, consider our friend who took 6 month off to travel with his family. The company he worked for wouldn’t let him go in the first place but when he threaten to quite completely they agreed. He just wouldn’t take no for an answer. Funny enough, upon his return he was offered a promotion. It turned out that the 6 month off that he couldn’t get at first turned out to be a good career move.

You can also of course check out our Job and Career page for more ideas about your job and how to travel long term. Or this article that Maria wrote: “Wouldn’t It be Nice to Quit a Job and Travel?”

No, is for most people a pretty clear answer to that. What would happen with everything if you just took off? How could you possible squeeze something like that into you already overbooked schedule? Well that is kind of the point. The time to travel long term is not something that is meant to be squeezed in.
Do you have time to travel long term
One of the main purposes with traveling long term is to give you a break from a tight schedule.

You put all that stress on hold and step into the emptiness that is waiting to be filled with your dreams and desires. You get a chance to kind of start over and fill it with whatever you want. It can even be some work along the way and school exercises for the children if that is what it takes. But please, for your own sake, don’t cram too much in.

But the thing is if you are waiting for a 6 month free time slot to appear in front of you the risk is that you might be disappointed. You will never just have the time to travel long term. You will have to make room for it. You will have to create the time. Decide that this is what you want to do and then give it priority!

On the no time to travel page you can find out more.

And if you want to know why now may be the best time to travel, you can check out this blog.

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