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You probably know by now that we’re firm believers that traveling is good for you. That taking some time to travel can be the best investment you’ve ever made. Well, now I found an article which really supports this idea. Just listen to this for example: “A proper vacation can light up higher order brain function that a year of pernicious stress has dimmed and debilitated”!

Don Joseph Goeway suggest you take time to travel

Don Joseph Goeway suggest you take time to travel

The article is called “Want your brain to make you brilliant? Give it a vacation” and is written by Don Joseph Goewey, someone I have been following for a while. He’s a man who has been working with people in stressful situations, and I mean really stressful situations. Like people faced with serious illnesses, parents who have lost children, life sentencened prisoners and war refugees. Most recently though, he has been focusing on people overwhelmed by the demands of work and family, a situation I guess many of you are familiar with.

According to the Harris Poll, people (Americans that is but I’m sure they’re not the only ones) are working harder than ever, putting in 100 – 200 more hours per year than their parents. Quoting Don Joseph Goewey:

“Those are averages; you might be working more than that. These extra hours are time away from our kids, friends, spouses, and even our bed. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says we sleep less than our parents did; one to two hours less. Vacation is a time to recoup that lost time and revitalize our minds and hearts.”

Yep, couldn’t agree more!

The downsides of our overworking lifestyle can also be seen very clearly in the morbidity and mortality statistics. The #1 killer is not the same as it was a hundred years ago, when most people dyed from bacterial and viral infections as well as childbirth for women. The #1 killer today is stress related diseases. He continues:

“ If we go about it correctly, a vacation can break the negative cycle and renew us in ways that can make the upcoming year less stressful.”

But you all know this already don’t you? That you feel so much better when you take some time off from the everyday stresses. Knowing is one thing though, doing is something completely different

And here’s where the But’s set in. “But I don’t have enough money” or “I don’t have the time” for example. At a first glance, this might be true but if you take a deeper look at your situation, there’s usually something you can do to change things around to create the money and the time. Often it’s about seeing what’s important in your life and start prioritizing, like your health, your family, your future…

But being in a stressful mode can make it more difficult to see clearly. Here’s Don Joseph Goewey again:

“Stress hormones also hyper-activate the brain’s fear center producing Type-A behavior and locking our brain into “threat mode.” This neurotoxic brain state tends to interpret any uncertainty as a threat to our survival. When you think I can’t afford to take time off, it’s usually the brain’s fear center thinking for you. It’s the brain using you, instead of you using the brain. You need to reset the brain to peace, which is the neuroplastic state that rebuilds and restores higher brain function. Vacation is a good way to reset the brain to peace”

Give your brain some time off

Give your brain some time off

So listen to this wise man (and to yourself) and let your brain go on vacation for a while, and as we believe, the longer the better. Taking the time to travel, preferably long term, is not only good for you as you can see, it can literally save your life!

To read this whole interesting article click here

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We often hear people say things like “In my life, there’s no time to travel”. How often do you yourself use the expression “I don’t have the time” by the way? For many people, usually several times a day. But, how can you actually say that? Of course you have the time! What you really should be saying is something more like, “I don’t want to take the time for this” or even “I choose not to prioritise this”! Different, huh?

Do you have time to travel?

Do you have time to travel?

For people today, especially in the “western” world, you’re aware that there are so many ways you can choose to live your life. You know that “the possibilities are endless” as well as the fact that “You create your life”. So what shall you choose to be and do and have? It’s easy to get frustrated over all the alternatives that exist that you can to give your precious time to. Should you really make room for some time to travel?

If you take a look at your life right now and what you’ve filled it with, do you remember why you chose the things you did? Was it because you were totally passionate about these things? Or because someone else thought this is what you should be using some of your 657 075 hours (an average life) for? Or, are you using your time to do whatever you’re doing at the moment, so you can do something else that’ll make you happy later, in the future? If that’s the case, why not be happy now as well? Time is on your side!

You are given this amount of time, 24 hours every day. What do you want to do with it (yes, more choices)? What do you want to use the next 8760 hours (1 year) for? Or the next six months? Or next month? Next week? Tomorrow?

When you start to look into how you really would want to use your precious time, it’s a bit like moving into a totally new home. Imagine that you have this empty new place that you’re just about to move in to. You can furnish it exactly the way you want, so what do you really want it to look like? Which of all your old stuff do you want to put in here? All of it? Maybe you want to get some new things? Or do you want to get rid of all the old ones and have everything brand new? Or maybe mix old and new? In that case, which parts of the old stuff do you want to keep? Maybe you even want to move into a totally empty place and then see, along the way, what will suite you best to fill it with?

It could be the same thing with your time. If you do an inventory of your time, what you are filling it up with at the moment? Take a look in your planner. When you look at all the “stuff” that fills up your days, your weeks, your years, what would you really want to keep? What excites you? What makes you feel depressed? What would you like to exchange for something different?

If you had an empty house or rather, an empty planner, and had the possibility to fill it with whatever you want, what would that be? Which things, from all there is to choose from, would you want to prioritize to put there in your brand new time schedule (some time to travel maybe)? What would reflect the person you are today and give your life more meaning and support you to become a happier person?

So, go get a new calendar and start fantasizing!

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Talking about time to travel, what kind of time do you “need” to really be able to let go of whatever you want to let go off, get into a travel mood and experience the world and your life in a new way?

Our first campervan

Our first campervan in south of Spain

When we went on our first long term trip as a family many years ago, we had been living a very stressful life for a long period. So stressful that we came to a point where we realized we couldn’t continue in that way – we wanted another kind of life. We bought an old campervan, sold our house, put all our stuff (a lot) in a big sea container and took off. We didn’t have a time plan. The only thing we knew was that we wanted to go as far south as possible in Europe, Southern Spain.

Our first challenge came already the first day when something happened to the car and we had to stay at some friends place to do some repairing. Then someone got ill. Then all of us got ill. Then we got lost and the campervan got stuck in the mud in the middle of the night and Magnus, who at this point had pneumonia, had to put on the snow chains to get us out of there. It continued in this spirit for a long time, one challenge after the other.

In hindsight we realized that we actually brought with us all the stress and frustration that we had had at home before we left. Of course it was great to be away, to be on the road and to have left our old life at home, but this didn’t mean we were totally changed (yet).

We also took a lot of time to visit with friends along the way. Wherever we realized we knew someone, we stopped to say hello (some stops could be really long).

Finally one day, two months after we’d set off, we arrived at our destination, Marbella in Southern Spain! From that point, everything changed. It was just fantastic, like a total dream life! We could relax, the kids just played, we started to get perspective on our lives and to see what really was important to us. We were just happy! Our whole 6 month trip then continued in this spirit. But it took us 2 months to get there, both physically and mentally.

We have often talked about this– the time to travel. How much can a “ordinary” 1-2-or even 3 week vacation really make us able to let go off all our everyday stuff and allow a new mindset? Not much…

Of course, it’s always great to take some time off, experience something new and recharge your batteries: But to get that life transforming effect, you usually need a lot more time. Other long term travelers that we speak to usually agree that something starts to happen with you somewhere between 6 to 8 weeks after you’ve left home. This amount of time is probably, depending on what kind of life you’ve had before you left, how much stress and so on, what you need to start with.

Then your journey really can begin!

If you want to read more about the concept of time and some reflections on that click here.

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No, is for most people a pretty clear answer to that. What would happen with everything if you just took off? How could you possible squeeze something like that into you already overbooked schedule? Well that is kind of the point. The time to travel long term is not something that is meant to be squeezed in.
Do you have time to travel long term
One of the main purposes with traveling long term is to give you a break from a tight schedule.

You put all that stress on hold and step into the emptiness that is waiting to be filled with your dreams and desires. You get a chance to kind of start over and fill it with whatever you want. It can even be some work along the way and school exercises for the children if that is what it takes. But please, for your own sake, don’t cram too much in.

But the thing is if you are waiting for a 6 month free time slot to appear in front of you the risk is that you might be disappointed. You will never just have the time to travel long term. You will have to make room for it. You will have to create the time. Decide that this is what you want to do and then give it priority!

On the no time to travel page you can find out more.

And if you want to know why now may be the best time to travel, you can check out this blog.

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How do you use your time? To do all the things that make you feel complete and happy? How often do you say “I don’t have time”? Don’t have time to call, don’t have time to prepare your favourite food, don’t have time to play with your children, don’t have time to travel?


There was a period in our life when we really didn’t “have time” (well, it does occasionally happen still). Our life was busy with our own company, the children, the big old house, to name a few things. It was just busy, busy.

Then one day, we reached the limit and felt we’d just had enough. We realised we wanted something more out of life. Something totally different than what we had.

Time to just be. Time to be together as a family and experience the world. We wanted excitement, adventure as well as a slower pace and time for each other. We wanted time to travel! So we let go of our company and our house and a few limiting beliefs and took off for 6 months of travel.

Looking back, this was one of the best and one of the most life changing decisions we have made. It did lead us on totally new roads, both literally and mentally. It was everything we had imagined and much more. We came back after half a year as rather different persons. More relaxed, more inspired more close to each other and full of ideas on how we could live our life in a different way. We didn’t join the Rat Race again and we haven’t been there since.

Today, we’re very glad that we really did go on that first long term trip of ours. Many more have followed but this first was the one that really got us on the “live the life you choose” track.

So we want to encourage you to take a look at your own time schedule. How full is it? Is there room for the things that really feel important to you? If not, how can you make room?

Taking some time to travel doesn’t have to mean letting go of everything you do or have though. There are of course many ways to solve issues like your job, your home, the kids school while you are out in the world. We do address many of these issues here on our web page under the I Love To Travel But… section, so please look around to find some ideas and solutions to your specific situation.

And if you want to get some more perspective on the concept of time, there is a fantastic book we can recommend: “Unwinding the Clock”. Read about it in Books we recommend under Time & Travel. It’s written by a Swedish professor of physics, Bodil Jonsson, and it has created a huge amount of interest here in Sweden. And don’t worry about the fact that she’s a professor of physics, it’s really easy and inspiring to read.

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