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Talking about time to travel, what kind of time do you “need” to really be able to let go of whatever you want to let go off, get into a travel mood and experience the world and your life in a new way?

Our first campervan

Our first campervan in south of Spain

When we went on our first long term trip as a family many years ago, we had been living a very stressful life for a long period. So stressful that we came to a point where we realized we couldn’t continue in that way – we wanted another kind of life. We bought an old campervan, sold our house, put all our stuff (a lot) in a big sea container and took off. We didn’t have a time plan. The only thing we knew was that we wanted to go as far south as possible in Europe, Southern Spain.

Our first challenge came already the first day when something happened to the car and we had to stay at some friends place to do some repairing. Then someone got ill. Then all of us got ill. Then we got lost and the campervan got stuck in the mud in the middle of the night and Magnus, who at this point had pneumonia, had to put on the snow chains to get us out of there. It continued in this spirit for a long time, one challenge after the other.

In hindsight we realized that we actually brought with us all the stress and frustration that we had had at home before we left. Of course it was great to be away, to be on the road and to have left our old life at home, but this didn’t mean we were totally changed (yet).

We also took a lot of time to visit with friends along the way. Wherever we realized we knew someone, we stopped to say hello (some stops could be really long).

Finally one day, two months after we’d set off, we arrived at our destination, Marbella in Southern Spain! From that point, everything changed. It was just fantastic, like a total dream life! We could relax, the kids just played, we started to get perspective on our lives and to see what really was important to us. We were just happy! Our whole 6 month trip then continued in this spirit. But it took us 2 months to get there, both physically and mentally.

We have often talked about this– the time to travel. How much can a “ordinary” 1-2-or even 3 week vacation really make us able to let go off all our everyday stuff and allow a new mindset? Not much…

Of course, it’s always great to take some time off, experience something new and recharge your batteries: But to get that life transforming effect, you usually need a lot more time. Other long term travelers that we speak to usually agree that something starts to happen with you somewhere between 6 to 8 weeks after you’ve left home. This amount of time is probably, depending on what kind of life you’ve had before you left, how much stress and so on, what you need to start with.

Then your journey really can begin!

If you want to read more about the concept of time and some reflections on that click here.

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Your guide to creating travel experiences that lead your life in new directions!

Our intention is to support you to take the steps you need to be able to go away on that long term life changing dream trip. Or maybe even to create a traveling lifestyle which will enable you to go wherever you want whenever you want.

We want to do this by sharing from our own experiences and knowledge, as well as that of fellow travelers, and show you how you can:

- Let go of everyday commitments, like your job and the children’s school, to give you time and space to go on a long journey

- Take yourself beyond fears which hold you back from traveling like fear of flying, of health issues, of crime and terrorism or of what your friends will say

- Create the time and the money you’ll need to travel extensively

- Create your ultimate long term trip that suites your wants and needs, makes you grow as a person, feel more alive, enjoy life more and which forms the basis f the next stage in your life


So many things happen when you are on the road – both in the outer world as well as the inner.

We want to recommend things to do and places to see, but rather than giving you advise about the cheapest flight to Harare (which we also might do, thinking of it) we’d like to inspire you to get to the stage where it will be interesting for you to have a look at those Harare flight prices in the first place.

•    What do you need to do before that specific traveling day?
•    What’s necessary for you to do between the idea, the dream about traveling comes up, and the actual booking of the ticket?
•    How do you create a traveling mindset so that you easily and effortlessly can pass all those everyday roadblocks?

Also, traveling is about so much more than transporting yourself between Paris and Sydney and the things you do while there. The whole life is a journey. You’ll see about that here as well.

We love the big questions. The ones that make you feel alive – what’s life for if not for living, if not for feeling alive?

We ourselves have put a lot of focus on those big questions in life. Questions like:

•    What’s important to us?
•    How do we want to live?
•    What’s the point of everything?
•    Is this really what we want to do?
•    Where do we want to go next on our path of life?

This has led us onto many different roads, not always the big and broad ones that are easy to travel on. Actually, more often small tracks full of stones and stubs and sometimes we’ve even had to make our own trails. More about this later…

Now we want to hear from you! We invite you to comment what you read, watch, hear, think, realize….. To ask us questions. To recommend whatever you find interesting. To share your ideas, your experiences, your book reading lists (yes, we do looove books too).

Together we can give both ourselves and each other and other potential (life) travelers more inspiration, knowledge and hope to live life alive, to travel and to make our fantastic planet even more fantastic!

Happy Travels

Maria, Magnus, Viktoria, Aurora & Aron

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