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We got this question a while back. We do get many questions and we love them so do keep them coming. Send them to Info@extendedworldtravel.com or post them in the comments below. It sure helps us to know what’s on your mind and in what way we might be able to assist you.

Anyway, the whole question was:

“I was just curious as to how possible and realistic it would be to travel for 10 years or more with little initial savings, no education past high school, and no other source of income?”

The answer to that is very simple: it is absolutely possible! But, and this is important to remember, it all depends on any specific desires you may have regarding your travels and what you want them to be like.
It’s a very common misconception that long term traveling has to be expensive. Maybe it’s because a lot of people see it as an extended one week holiday in high season, when you stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, hang out in bars every night and spend money on tourist attractions. Multiply that by 52 and you will of course get an astronomical figure for a one year journey. And if this is the way you want to travel you will need lots of money in the bank or a big steady income. For most long term travelers , this is not the way they do it though, usually because that are not their circumstances.

A lot of people who want to travel long term don’t have the money for an extravagant journey. So they have to plan accordingly and find solutions that match their situation and their desires. Even without any money saved up it is still possible to go on a long journey.

The truth is, traveling long term can often be much cheaper than staying at home! We have met many and talked to many travelers who confirm this. For instance, when you’re on the road, you don’t have all the fixed costs that come with keeping a home and staying in one place. No rent, no home insurance, no car (if you are not traveling by car that is), no electric bills, no expenses for commuting , no day care costs…

All you got is basically the expenses for food, lodging and transportation. And there are also many things you can do to keep even these at a minimum. It just takes some creativity and a willingness to find solutions.

One idea is network travel which we have written about earlier here. If you choose this way you can basically eat and sleep for free. That would mean that the only expense that remains is the actual transport. Furthermore, you can always choose to ride a bike or walk. Maybe it won’t take you around the world, although that is possible too, but will definitely keep the expenses close to zero :-) .

And this is possible to do for a year or longer. To have plenty of time absolutely makes it easier to be able to travel inexpensively. We have some friends who did just that. They used WWOOF for their network travel, and spent 5 years traveling around Europe (and this is not the cheapest part of the world). They just kept going and even became parents along the way, and then continued to be “WWOOFers” with their child.

Of course this may not be everyone’s choice. But neither are first class tickets and 5 star hotels. You just have to find whatever suites you and your circumstances.

And yes, just to be clear: Education has nothing to do with this being possible or not…

Don’t forget to write your own question in the comments :-)

A while ago I wrote about “Travel with kids – challenge or opportunity” and since this is an area that’s dear to my heart, here’s some more.

To travel with kids is a lot of fun. You can take the opportunity to practice being a bit less serious for example

To travel with kids is a lot of fun. You can take the opportunity to practice being a bit less serious for example

Why am I so eager to convince you to take your kids on that dream trip of yours? Because it’s so worth it! For the kids and for you. I’m of course not talking about that short get away weekend by yourself or with your spouse. I’m talking about going traveling and traveling for a long time. When you travel with kids and go out into the world, there are a few things which could be good to have in mind though:

Take your time and travel slowly. Don’t be in a hurry. Be very generous with the time you reserve for both your travels as well as your stays. Also, trying to cram in as much as possible to see and do may not be the best starting position for a relaxed and fun family journey.

Adjust to the kid’s age. It is a totally different thing, traveling with an older teenager or with a newborn (and with one child or four ).The younger the kids (and the more there are of them), the slower the pace I would say. Really young children can keep themselves busy and be fascinated by small everyday things and you can take the opportunity yourself to learn from them and experience the world from this perspective. The older they get the more you’ll of course be able to communicate about what you want to do and where you’ll want to go. Here you have plenty of opportunity to practice communication and negotiation, or consensus, skills. And I mean that! See it as a way to strengthen both your kids and your own abilities to listen and to be considerate as well as to express your desires.

Be in the present. This is also something you can learn more about from your kids, and the younger they are, the better they can teach you. Traveling and being away from all the musts and should is the perfect time to practice mindfulness and just taking in what is. This is also the best way to keep kids calm and relaxed (not to mention yourself). And don’t worry, your trip won’t be uneventful and boring, rather the opposite (and you can be sure that all kinds of unexpected, unimaginable things will show up). You’ll learn how fascinating even the smallest thing can be and you’ll experience how it is to feel really alive.

Remember that “the journey is the goal”. Well, this is very connected to the ability to be in the present. When you’re in the present, you realize that everything that happens along the trip is part of your journey , not just the end destination some 2 or 4 or 7 months ahead. And everything that happens along way, all of it, that’s what the journey is about.

These are things we have been taught ourselves by our kids when we have been traveling with them and the more we have been able to follow this, the more relaxed and fun our trips have been.

I’m sure you recognize by now, if you have been following us for a while, our story from our first long term trip. We left Sweden in a very stressed state, having got rid of house, company, school as well as a bunch of limiting beliefs. Our trip out into the world, where we should be “free” and have the time of our life, continued in this stressed state. And everything went wrong. The campervan broke down, we got sick, got lost (on many levels), the kids were bored and were fighting….

Not until we could let go of the expectations of everything we were going to do and see and be as well as slowing down the pace considerably, things changed. And this took time. Several months actually. From there on, we were able to take the days as they came, we could really listen to each other (and hear) and we got better at seeing the big things in the small. Whatever we did, it always worked out in the best way because, whatever happened, it just was the best way. Yes, we did have the trip of our lifetime!

So to travel with kids can really be an opportunity to learn to live your life in the best of ways and of course, this approach does not have to stop when your trip is over. I think it’s a real advantage to be able to live in a more mindful way in our times, either you are travelling the world or being at home dealing with your everyday businesses.

Taking things as they come  - if the plane is delayed, you can always watch a movie

Taking things as they come - if the plane is delayed, you can always watch a movie

Sometimes we feel just stuck. Stuck with a job which may not be our biggest passion in life or with having to fit everything in to the kids school schedule. We feel stuck because of the payments for all the stuff we, for some reason, have gathered, or with a life that just isn’t exactly what we had expected it to be, and now we don’t see a way out of it.

We were there too. We had our own company which took all of our time (and more it seemed). We drove the kids to a school where they spent their days actually neither gathering much knowledge nor learning the precious skills of socialization. We rebuilt and refurbished our huge old house in a never ending scheme. We didn’t have any time to just be together and have fun, do things we really loved, or to be with friends. We also never seemed to have enough money.

When we got to the point where we’d finally had enough, we got rid of our company, sold our house, took the children out of school and just left.

Our first long journey

Our first long journey

Thus began our first long term journey, as we spent 5 months in a campervan touring Europe all the way to southern Spain.Along the way we had many adventures. However, it wasn’t always easy, and when we arrived at our destination it was with a sigh of relief.

We had done it! We had taken ourselves to a new place, both geographically but especially mentally! To us, that was the big turning point. We have been on many long term trips around the world since then, and we’ve never gotten back into the 9 to 5 Rat Race or into the school system. We have, to a very big extent, lived the life we have chosen to live – our life.

For us, as for thousands of other people, what took us from where we didn’t want to be to where we wanted to be, was leaving everything behind and setting out on a long journey.

A life transforming journey that totally changed our perspectives and our ideas on what we wanted out of life. This trip provided us with lots of time, many new meetings and inspiration and energy to start all over again.

It is possible for you, too, to travel and get perspective on your own life and we’re here to support you as you take the necessary steps to go on that life changing dream journey. As you give yourself time to just be, you will also find adventure, excitement and peace of mind. Not only will you spend time with yourself and your loved ones, but your life will be full of new, interesting people and inspiring situations

Doing some Extended World Travel is one of the absolute best ways to start off a new life.

A shorter journey may give you a welcomed break, but once you get back you will most likely soon find yourself back in the same old situation again. But with a longer journey, you have the possibility to let your life take on a new direction if you choose to. Extended travel is perfect if you wish to make a major shift in your life to a “new” you, or find your way back to the “old” you that you may have lost along the way.

We believe this quote by Jeffrey Kottler, PhD, therapist, teacher and traveler, sums it up perfectly:

“Traveling can bring out parts of yourself that can’t be accessed any other way. Always looking for more efficient and effective ways to promote personal changes, I realized that most of the constructive growth I’ve undergone in my life has not come from books, or the classroom, or even therapy, but from traveling – especially the kind of trip that involves not just the search for new experiences in the world, but also the time and inclination to look within”

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Your guide to creating travel experiences that lead your life in new directions!

Our intention is to support you to take the steps you need to be able to go away on that long term life changing dream trip. Or maybe even to create a traveling lifestyle which will enable you to go wherever you want whenever you want.

We want to do this by sharing from our own experiences and knowledge, as well as that of fellow travelers, and show you how you can:

- Let go of everyday commitments, like your job and the children’s school, to give you time and space to go on a long journey

- Take yourself beyond fears which hold you back from traveling like fear of flying, of health issues, of crime and terrorism or of what your friends will say

- Create the time and the money you’ll need to travel extensively

- Create your ultimate long term trip that suites your wants and needs, makes you grow as a person, feel more alive, enjoy life more and which forms the basis f the next stage in your life


So many things happen when you are on the road – both in the outer world as well as the inner.

We want to recommend things to do and places to see, but rather than giving you advise about the cheapest flight to Harare (which we also might do, thinking of it) we’d like to inspire you to get to the stage where it will be interesting for you to have a look at those Harare flight prices in the first place.

•    What do you need to do before that specific traveling day?
•    What’s necessary for you to do between the idea, the dream about traveling comes up, and the actual booking of the ticket?
•    How do you create a traveling mindset so that you easily and effortlessly can pass all those everyday roadblocks?

Also, traveling is about so much more than transporting yourself between Paris and Sydney and the things you do while there. The whole life is a journey. You’ll see about that here as well.

We love the big questions. The ones that make you feel alive – what’s life for if not for living, if not for feeling alive?

We ourselves have put a lot of focus on those big questions in life. Questions like:

•    What’s important to us?
•    How do we want to live?
•    What’s the point of everything?
•    Is this really what we want to do?
•    Where do we want to go next on our path of life?

This has led us onto many different roads, not always the big and broad ones that are easy to travel on. Actually, more often small tracks full of stones and stubs and sometimes we’ve even had to make our own trails. More about this later…

Now we want to hear from you! We invite you to comment what you read, watch, hear, think, realize….. To ask us questions. To recommend whatever you find interesting. To share your ideas, your experiences, your book reading lists (yes, we do looove books too).

Together we can give both ourselves and each other and other potential (life) travelers more inspiration, knowledge and hope to live life alive, to travel and to make our fantastic planet even more fantastic!

Happy Travels

Maria, Magnus, Viktoria, Aurora & Aron

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