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We got this question a while back. We do get many questions and we love them so do keep them coming. Send them to Info@extendedworldtravel.com or post them in the comments below. It sure helps us to know what’s on your mind and in what way we might be able to assist you.

Anyway, the whole question was:

“I was just curious as to how possible and realistic it would be to travel for 10 years or more with little initial savings, no education past high school, and no other source of income?”

The answer to that is very simple: it is absolutely possible! But, and this is important to remember, it all depends on any specific desires you may have regarding your travels and what you want them to be like.
It’s a very common misconception that long term traveling has to be expensive. Maybe it’s because a lot of people see it as an extended one week holiday in high season, when you stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, hang out in bars every night and spend money on tourist attractions. Multiply that by 52 and you will of course get an astronomical figure for a one year journey. And if this is the way you want to travel you will need lots of money in the bank or a big steady income. For most long term travelers , this is not the way they do it though, usually because that are not their circumstances.

A lot of people who want to travel long term don’t have the money for an extravagant journey. So they have to plan accordingly and find solutions that match their situation and their desires. Even without any money saved up it is still possible to go on a long journey.

The truth is, traveling long term can often be much cheaper than staying at home! We have met many and talked to many travelers who confirm this. For instance, when you’re on the road, you don’t have all the fixed costs that come with keeping a home and staying in one place. No rent, no home insurance, no car (if you are not traveling by car that is), no electric bills, no expenses for commuting , no day care costs…

All you got is basically the expenses for food, lodging and transportation. And there are also many things you can do to keep even these at a minimum. It just takes some creativity and a willingness to find solutions.

One idea is network travel which we have written about earlier here. If you choose this way you can basically eat and sleep for free. That would mean that the only expense that remains is the actual transport. Furthermore, you can always choose to ride a bike or walk. Maybe it won’t take you around the world, although that is possible too, but will definitely keep the expenses close to zero :-) .

And this is possible to do for a year or longer. To have plenty of time absolutely makes it easier to be able to travel inexpensively. We have some friends who did just that. They used WWOOF for their network travel, and spent 5 years traveling around Europe (and this is not the cheapest part of the world). They just kept going and even became parents along the way, and then continued to be “WWOOFers” with their child.

Of course this may not be everyone’s choice. But neither are first class tickets and 5 star hotels. You just have to find whatever suites you and your circumstances.

And yes, just to be clear: Education has nothing to do with this being possible or not…

Don’t forget to write your own question in the comments :-)

The other day we wrote about why travel is good for you and your brain based on scientific studies. Today though, I want to tell you about one of my favorite authors and his view on how to travel. This is rather different from the scientific approach though and much more about personal opinions.

Paulo Coelho gives advice on how to travel

Paulo Coelho gives advice on how to travel

The author is Paulo Coelho and to me he is definitive a great author. I always enjoy reading his books. They are easy to read, usually surprise me and inspire me to not always believe my first impression. He often has a nice twist on things. And the books do make me feel good. So it was nice when, earlier today, I was reminded of his advice on how to travel .

I believe Paulo Coelho to be a man who writes and talks from the heart, not too concerned by what others might think. So when he shares his point of view on traveling, it is nice to see that we seem to think alike in many ways.

First of all, he as well, is of the opinion that travel is the best way to learn. I whole heartedly agree with that and it is of course one of the reasons we have choose to travel with our kids. But not only for the kids, we parents too enjoy to learn and discover new things.

Furthermore Paulo’s basic advices for a traveler are:

• Take your time
• Stay away from tourist traps
• Don’t buy too many souvenirs
• Try and meet the locals and discover what their life is all about.

These are simple things that make a lot of sense to me.

But when you look at what the travel industry in general is all about, it very often seems to be the total opposite. The objective of travel often seems to be to see and do as much as possible of the tourist stuff in the shortest amount of time. Buy the local handicrafts that, no matter where you are, usually are made in China. And then at night party away with the other holiday makers.

No, this is not the kind of stuff that makes us passionate about traveling and why we want you to travel.

Most important, I believe, is probably to give yourself plenty of time. Slow and extended travel is the way to go. And of course do it with your kids! It will be an experience of a life time. Paulo missed that one but it’s probably because he doesn’t have any kids off his own. Otherwise I am sure it would be included in his advice.

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We’re having a family here visiting at the moment, from Romania. Actually, they are Swedish but they live in here mostly during the summers and in Romania the other half of the year, in Transylvania more precisely (yes, the land of Dracula).
We wondered how they ended up in Romania and it turned out the parents (before they were married) first went there to help out at an orphanage and also to work with helping street children to get a better life. This lead to them coming back again and again and finally they moved there with their own family. This got us talking about how to travel and how we can create our own “travel themes”. Oftentimes we don’t just go traveling, we travel for a reason, with a purpose, because we want to pursue an interest or to learn something new.

there, a dream came true! <br> Matamata New Zealand

Finally there, a dream came true! Matamata New Zealand

You have probably heard by now about how we once traveled around New Zealand in the footsteps of the Lord of the Rings. For a long time LOTR had been a big part of our family’s life. We had read the books and watched the films (and not only once, I’ll tell you). The children had sewn their own cloaks which they walked around in. They made a play on the theme and even studied elfish! What more could they do with this passion? Visit the places for the movie shootings of course! So we flew to NZ and went to places like Matamata, where “Hobbiton” is situated and Mount Ruapehu, aka “Mount Doom”. You couldn’t see the ski lifts in the movie though, maybe Sauron didn’t like skiing? To our big surprise, we found “Dunharrow” in the middle of Wellington! We even met a guy who worked at Weta workshops (who made all the props for the films) and who also acts as a body double for Aragorn. Got to hear some interesting inside stories there! Anyway, we had so much fun during this, in many ways, rather “touristy” trip.

Mount Dome in the background. The weather, as you can see, helped to create the perfect “dark” atmosphere

Mount Doom in the background. The weather, as you can see, helped to create the perfect “dark” atmosphere

As for other “theme trips” we have spent lots of time in places like Spain to learn Spanish. Although, the first time we went there, the kids actually learnt their first basic English (some parts of Spain are very international).

Another time, we made a long “pen pal visiting tour” around the USA and Canada. This whole trip originated in a letter Viktoria had received about 5 years earlier from a girl on Vancouver Island BC Canada, asking if she wanted to be her pen pal.

We also thought about some of our best friends who spend months and months traveling around the beaches of the world taking photos, since that’s their passion. And another friend of ours, who spent 3 months in a Buddhist center in northern India, to learn more about that specific religion and about herself.

As for another example on how to travel with a special purpose, or with a special theme, we came to think about all the people we’ve heard about who go to Argentina to learn “real” Tango and maybe also some Spanish at the same time.

So, is there a theme you would like to give your trip? This isn’t necessary of course, you can just travel and see what turns up, but for some people, or sometimes, having an overall theme for your trip can be of help as well as great fun.

• What are you or your family interested in or even passionate about?
• Are there people you’d like to visit somewhere in the world
• Is there anything you’d love to learn more about?
• Is there a cause which is close to your heart that you could contribute some of your time to?
• Maybe you’re in desperate need to do an “in search for a new business idea” trip?

Since ideas become more real when you share them and talk about them you’re very welcome to tell us about any travel themes that pops up in your head!

And remember, anything can be an excuse to travel!

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Traveling is and has been a very big part of our family’s life. As a result of that, we have also always been interested to look for different ways to create money in more “unconventional” ways.

With T Harv Eker at the Millionaire Mind in Seattle 2004

With T Harv Eker at the Millionaire Mind in Seattle 2004

The thought of going somewhere, somewhere new, is almost always present in all of us. Well, actually, today we don’t think about traveling as something “exotic” or as some “once in a lifetime” event. Nowadays it’s just a natural part of our life.

We have become very much world citizens. We have our home base in Sweden, but we feel very much like the world is our home.

Through the years, our lifestyle has become more and more “independent” (in the meaning of not having to be in one special place to work, to go to school, to follow the main stream or do what everybody else does). Our lifestyle has evolved over the years thanks to many things.

One challenge we (too) have faced is the financial one. We’ve had our ups and downs and we’ve had, and still have, much focus on creating a “stable” relationship with money.

One of our big breakthroughs in this area came when we participated in a seminar in Seattle some years ago (the whole family, of course) – The Millionaire Mind Intensive. 3 days of working with the mental issues of money and transforming the blueprints we all have around it.

We realized that this is actually the most important thing to get in place for us to be really confident and successful in this area. During these days we learned a lot. We got a whole new view on the subject of money and our own (and other people’s) relationship to it. It totally changed how we look upon ourselves and how we look at money.

After the Millionaire Mind, we have learnt more about money and finances in other, different ways. Especially about creating and investing money. Having learnt the basics though, the psychology behind it have really helped us to understand and to take in all these other parts so much better.

To reinforce all that we got from this seminar, we all volunteered to crew a couple of months ago when the MMI for the first time was launched in Europe, in London.

With T Harv Eker at the Millionaire Mind in London 2009

With T Harv Eker at the Millionaire Mind in London 2009

It really gives everything a new dimension when you can be part of supporting other peoples learning.

Anyway, since it was extremely successful, they are now running the MMI a second time in Europe. It’s in London this time as well, on the 29-31 August 2009.

If you want to create a healthy platform for your financial future we really encourage you to take this opportunity to participate in these days. It doesn’t even have to cost you anything. To support people to raise their financial awareness they even give out a number of tickets for free! Check this out at www.millionaireminduk.com

It could (will) change your life, it sure changed our!

Do you want to do some extended travel and go to the other side of the world? Or just “as far as possible”? Or “anywhere”, as long as it’s a new place you’ve never visited? Maybe you’d love to travel within your own country, or one that’s really close?

When you start to think about extended travel, you realize that the options are endless. Even today, when the internet has made the world to shrink, it’s still a big place.

Asking other people about where to go can give you some ideas, but it can as well be of no help at all. You’re not them. They have their dream scenarios and needs, you have yours. So what do you dream to see? What are you longing to experience?

Have a look at the picture. Do any of these destinations feel tempting to you? If not, what would it say on the departure screen that you’d be looking at before you take off for your dream destination?

Where would you like your extended travel to take you?

Where would you like your extended travel to take you?

Would you be at an airport by the way? Maybe you’d be standing at the train station? Or you’d be waiting for that ship to take you away? Or mounting your new, fully packed bike?

Thinking about these questions can really help you getting into that travel mood. That, at least, is the case for us. As soon as we start fantasizing about where we want to go next, ideas, as well as solutions on how to manage challenges that undoubtedly turn up, start to flow.

When we start thinking and talking about our next dream trip, we’re as good as on our way.

So, where would you like to go?

Go to the HOW to travel… section for some more ideas and inspiration

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