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We recently read a travel book where it said something about “visiting exotic Sweden”. We suddenly realized that our own well known, sometimes even “boring” country, is actually as exotic as both Fiji and Tanzania. Just not to us.

This weekend we have been celebrating one of the most “exotic” customs that we have – the Midsummer. It’s obviously one of the few western world pagan celebrations (if not the only) still being celebrated.

Everything here in Sweden closes down. The cities are empty of people because everyone wants to spend this day out in the country (preferably in a typical small red cottage) together with their family and friends. You’re supposed to eat pickled Herring with sour crème and new potatoes and fresh strawberries for desert.

You make a Midsummer pole which you decorate with lots of flowers and then dance around it. The most important song is the one about the little frogs. The little frogs with no ears and no tails. You dance around the pole singing this song and everybody participate, young and old. All Swedish people know it! And we think it’s very fun (and funny).

Yes, it’s true! When we have been visiting different places around the world and people have asked us about a traditional Swedish dance or song this is the one we show them and it usually puts a rather quizzical look on their faces;-).

So, this time we filmed the whole thing just to make it possible for you too to participate a bit in this exotic custom!

Happy Midsummer!

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