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I’m sitting here with a box full of books beside me. Not any books though – our own book! It’s an amazing thing, being able to hold it in your hands after all this time of talking about it, planning and working with it.
You could without exaggeration call it a 5 year plan – we started brainstorming around it in 2005 :) More exactly on Viktoria’s 17th birthday when we were sitting in the café at Thursday Plantation, the Tea Tree Oil place south of Byron Bay, Australia. I remember it well, we had been traveling around the world for some months and were discussing, again, all these questions people always ask us when we’re away. Like;

How do you get the money to travel?

How do you have the time?

What about the children’s school and

How could you travel when you have a job?

We’d all heard them more than once :) and realized that what people really want to know with all these questions, is how they could do it too. How they could leave their jobs for a while, let the kids take a break from school, find the means to go on a 6 month trip and maybe create a more independent lifestyle in general.
Anyway, that day, at the café, someone (jokingly) came up with this idea that we should write a book with our answers and then we could just give it to people. We first just laughed at the idea but then started thinking that it actually didn’t seem like such a bad thing. And now see where it has led us, that discussion around the lunch table!

Our first attempt was our ebook, which already has been out for a while, you can find it HERE. But now we also have a “REAL” one, a paper book! It contains lots of information on how to make a reality of that long dream trip for any family – how you could travel – and also our ideas about why we think that you should. We really think that traveling around as a family is GOOD for you and want to do our best to help you get out there and see for yourselves.
Here are some different links, depending on where in the world you’re living, or traveling :) and where you can check out the book and buy it.

USA – www.amazon.com & www.barnesandnoble.com/
Canada – www.amazon.ca
UK – www.amazon.co.uk
Germany – www.amazon.de
France – www.amazon.fr
Japan – www.amazon.co.jp
Sweden – www.bokus.com& www.adlibris.com

So check it out! Order it for yourselves and for your friends so they can go too or give it away as a Christmas present!

Happy Trip!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover“
Mark Twain

The other day we wrote about why travel is good for you and your brain based on scientific studies. Today though, I want to tell you about one of my favorite authors and his view on how to travel. This is rather different from the scientific approach though and much more about personal opinions.

Paulo Coelho gives advice on how to travel

Paulo Coelho gives advice on how to travel

The author is Paulo Coelho and to me he is definitive a great author. I always enjoy reading his books. They are easy to read, usually surprise me and inspire me to not always believe my first impression. He often has a nice twist on things. And the books do make me feel good. So it was nice when, earlier today, I was reminded of his advice on how to travel .

I believe Paulo Coelho to be a man who writes and talks from the heart, not too concerned by what others might think. So when he shares his point of view on traveling, it is nice to see that we seem to think alike in many ways.

First of all, he as well, is of the opinion that travel is the best way to learn. I whole heartedly agree with that and it is of course one of the reasons we have choose to travel with our kids. But not only for the kids, we parents too enjoy to learn and discover new things.

Furthermore Paulo’s basic advices for a traveler are:

• Take your time
• Stay away from tourist traps
• Don’t buy too many souvenirs
• Try and meet the locals and discover what their life is all about.

These are simple things that make a lot of sense to me.

But when you look at what the travel industry in general is all about, it very often seems to be the total opposite. The objective of travel often seems to be to see and do as much as possible of the tourist stuff in the shortest amount of time. Buy the local handicrafts that, no matter where you are, usually are made in China. And then at night party away with the other holiday makers.

No, this is not the kind of stuff that makes us passionate about traveling and why we want you to travel.

Most important, I believe, is probably to give yourself plenty of time. Slow and extended travel is the way to go. And of course do it with your kids! It will be an experience of a life time. Paulo missed that one but it’s probably because he doesn’t have any kids off his own. Otherwise I am sure it would be included in his advice.

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My family loves books. And I mean truly and completely! I mean, we love books so much that spending time in a bookstore is like a favorite pastime for us. One hour, 2 hours, 3 hours…the whole day! Whenever we go someplace new, the first place we visit is a bookstore. Well, in a few cases we’ve been to the library first, but that only happens rarely.
Viktoria in Borders
I remember the first time we went to Los Angeles, USA. Well, it was the first time for me, but my parents had been there previously.
Viktoria in Barnes and Noble
Because of the time difference we fell asleep as soon as we arrived and the next morning we were up bright and early. So early that we had time to take a long walk through the neighbourhood around the hotel before the car rental even opened. When they finally did open we were the first costumers of the day. The papers were signed and we had the keys and then the man serving us asked if there was any particular place we wanted to have help with the directions for.

“Yes please, how do you get to the nearest Borders or Barnes & Noble??” It wasn’t the question he was expecting from a family with three kids (teenagers) on their first day ever in Hollywood… But after consulting his boss he could explain the way and very thankful for his help we left directly!
Outside Barnes and Noble
We emerged out into the Californian sun some time later after spending some blissful hours in the wonderful bookstore. Later that day we did have time to visit the Walk of Fame too…

This is common when we’re travelling. Michigan, London, New Zealand – same thing happened!

When we stayed in San Francisco for a few days we were tourists during the days, but the evenings and nights were spent in the Borders that, to our great delight, was situated just around the corner from our hotel and had some very agreeable opening hours (open till 1AM – unheard of in Europe!).

In Sydney and Brisbane, Australia, we were overjoyed to find Dymocks. But I must admit it was a disappointment that they were so very strict about their early closing times… 6PM… Ugh…

In India we bought books on the street. The prices were amazing, it was only the thought of how much luggage we had that stopped us from buying more books than we did… Still, coupled with the new shoes, dresses and other beautiful things we bought for next to nothing in India we actually had to buy an extra suitcase to take it all home…
That wasn’t the only time we bought more books than we had room for. When we were in the US for a fortnight 4 years ago we bought about 40-50 books and the extra suitcase my dad had to buy this time was filled with books only! I remember my dad was a bit unhappy about having to buy an extra bag…

With this love for books and bookstores, you can imagine the frustration when in a country like Germany for example. The bookstores are big and lovely, but I can’t read the frickin’ books! Hence, when we lived in Spain we became very frequent visitors to the tiny but adorable English bookshop in Fuengirola!

Sadly, bookstores in Sweden are hardly worthy of the name. They’re small, have very few books and are filled with pens and notebooks instead… Not that I have anything against pens, but it’s not the same thing as a book!

After spending a couple of months in Sweden I start feeling starved of good books. I miss the smell of new books. The first thing I do when I enter a bookstore is take a deep breath! Nothing compares to that smell and the feeling of finally arriving “home” that it gives me!

I just can’t stand it any longer, so out of desperation I order a bunch of books from Amazon just to keep me going until next time I go to Waterstones in England or Chapters in Canada or some equally heavenly place. Granted, receiving a package of long awaited books from Amazon has its thrills, but nothing can come close to a REAL bookstore!

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