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Do You Dream of  Traveling the World?

Of going on that Long Journey of a Lifetime…? Maybe together with your whole family? Then we’ll tell you a secret: Extended World Travel is possible for YOU too!

If you are one of the millions of people who have dreamed of traveling for more than the average week, then become one of the few that actually DO IT! It may seem impossible, but Extended World Travel is easier and more affordable than you might think! Take 3 months, 6 months or even a year and devote it to you and your dream – we’ll show you how!

We’re even convinced that long term travel is actually good for you!

When you travel for an extended period, you’ll be sure to:

•    Finally have time to give yourself that real break from life’s routine, let go of all the stress, recharge your batteries and feel more relaxed.

•    Spend precious time with your family or friends, have fun and experience adventure together. You’ll be sure to strengthen the bonds between you and improve your relationship as well as create memories together you’ll have for the rest of your lives.

•    Discover new and interesting places – out there in the world as well as inside yourself.

•    Meet interesting and exciting people and find new friends from all circumstances and backgrounds.

•    Experience and learn new things from inspiring and fascinating cultures

•    Learn to live more in the present and enjoy what life has to offer

•    Make more use of your strengths and capabilities that you don’t get to practice a lot when you’re at home in familiar situations.

•    Learn new ways to look at the world and get perspective on your own life – and see what you want it to look like when you get back (if you want to go back).

•    Experience adventure, feel excited and fulfilled, and as a result of all this, you‘ll be sure to feel more alive!

Does This Sound Like something you’ve been dreaming about? If you want the opinion of someone who has lived out their dreams of traveling the world, then let us tell you…WE LOVE IT!


It hasn’t always been like this though.

Years ago, we were a family with three young children and, like so many others, our time was filled with everyday commitments and stress. We spent our days driving the kids back and forth to school and to different activities, running our own company, renovating our big old house, trying hard to make both ends meet financially, and, on top of all this, trying to find time to really be with each other. But no matter how hard we tried, there never seemed to be enough time for everything, nor enough money. We felt more and more stressed, got irritated at the children too easily (as well as each others), spent a lot of our time just worrying and really didn’t have much fun. Was this really what life was about we started to ask ourselves?

Finally, we came to a point where we’d had enough. We got rid of the company, our house and even the kids’ school, as well as of a few limiting beliefs, bought an old campervan and started driving. When people asked where we were going, we told them we’d set the compass on south and then just keep driving, and we’d keep going as long as we wanted. And that’s exactly what we did! This, our first long term trip together as a family, turned out to be the best five months ever, and many more long journeys have followed.

So, we gave up the daily grind and set forth on an amazing adventure that changed our lives forever! Over the years and the many miles, we have experienced so many things together as we have learnt about the world – and ourselves. We have accumulated new friends, got back in touch with old ones, and brought our family closer than it has ever been. Extended World Travel has brought memories into our lives that will last a lifetime. And we’re really happy and grateful that we made the decision to go for it and change our lives.

So, if you are longing for something different as well, if you’re dreaming about traveling the world, don’t allow your dream to remain just a dream, make it a reality!

We know it is hard to grasp, the thought of taking off for an extended period of time to focus on your dreams: “What will happen if I leave my life behind?” That’s a common question people ask themselves when you mention extended world travel. A better question would be: “Am I living my life…or someone else’s?”

If your dream is to travel and see the world, then you are not living your own life sitting at home. If you are spending all your time at work and doing all these things which really don’t make your heart sing, how can you really live your life? Daydreaming about what could be is one thing, doing it…is amazing! You have to decide if what you are doing is truly what you WANT to be doing, and if not…find a way to CHANGE IT!


What’s stopping you?

You can have a million reasons that stop you from taking off on that long term journey, road blocks that stands in the way between yourself and the dreams you want to fulfill:

• You don’t have the money

• You don’t have the time

• Your children are too old or too young

• Your children have to go to school

• You have your job and career

• You should have traveled when you were younger, now you will have to wait until you are retired

• You’re concerned about your health or afraid that you’ll be a victim of some crime or other when not in your familiar surroundings.

We used to believe this too! We were not wealthy, we had jobs, children, school, and never felt as if there was enough time – we certainly had lots of concerns… yet WE DID IT and YOU CAN TOO!

Through the years people have asked us again and again how we can travel and live the life we do. Many have also asked us to write about our experiences and share them with the world. So we decided to take one step further from just answering peoples questions, and actually write our own book, so everyone who’s interested, like you, can learn about how you can create the journey of your life as well.

Buy our physical book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble and similar online bookstores that are available in your country.

Our eBook is available for instant download HERE

Our book is not for finding out about the cheapest airline or the most affordable hotels. Nor is it about what tourist sites to visit around the world or what currency they use in different countries. Rather, when you’ve read our book, you will understand things like:

• Why traveling actually is good for you. You’ll see how you too can benefit from taking time off and go out in the world

• How to get the money you’ll need to go traveling the world

• How to find the time that will allow you to take months off from your everyday commitments

• What you can do to make it possible to leave your job and go on the journey of your life instead

• How to handle the school issue so you can take your kids out in the world and let them collect first hand experiences

• How to deal with dream stealers like unsupportive friends, coworkers and family members and instead find the support you need to really be able to go on your dream trip – with a good conscience

• How to handle issues you might have around travel and health, travel and crime, or maybe fear of flying – and learn how you can prepare yourself and feel and be more safe

• What you want to do on your trip, how to let your specific interests and needs allow you to indulge in the things that really make your heart sing

• Means of transport and how to get around on your trip, how to find accommodations and, of course, where you want to go. You’ll be excited when you find your perfect way to create your best trip ever

• How to travel and stay for free. How your personal areas of interests and your own network of friends can make your trip both extra fun and interesting as well as extremely economical

• How to continue to live a freer and more independent life even when you’re back from your trip (if you do choose to come back)

Our own journeys have also brought us in touch with numerous people who have traveled the world for extended periods of time, and quite extensively. What we have learned from them, combined with what we learned for ourselves, can create a reality out of your dreams of traveling long term. So get ready and start preparing for your extended world trip NOW by buying our book:

Buy our physical book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble and similar online bookstores that are available in your country.

Our eBook is available for instant download HERE

We promise you, you’ll soon be on your way!

Finally we just want to say that by looking into the different areas we talk about in our book you will find out:

• WHY you should go on that trip, if that’s what you’re dreaming about. Do you know that by knowing the WHY, you will be 80% of the way to making it happen?

• How you can overcome your BUTs – the obstacles that are keeping you at home instead out there traveling the world

• What you really want your own fantastic journey to look like: how you want to travel and stay, what you want to do and where you want to go

You’ll soon find yourself standing there, with your bags packed and the tickets in your hand, ready to take off on your own great adventure!

So Are You Ready To Begin Your Journey of a Lifetime?

Then let us show you how you CAN change your life forever by traveling the world, no matter what your circumstances are. This book  is dedicated to guide, support and inspire you to follow your dreams.

Get the book now and we hope to meet with you soon, somewhere out there in the world!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Mark Twain

Happy Travels!

Maria Magnus Viktoria Aurora & Aron





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