Just sent the girls off to England (with different flights) so I’ve visited our nearby airport twice during the last days. It’s interesting how that part of the world suddenly has become like a second home to them (well, to all of us). Being used to traveling around, the UK feels really close, in more than one sense.

”Homes” along the road in Mumbai, India - traveling gives you perspective

”Homes” along the road in Mumbai, India - traveling gives you perspective

Anyway, I picked up a new magazine for that local airport – Take Off- and found some interesting articles. One, “Journey of life”, which I found especially exciting was written by the airport priest, Mattias Bähr (didn’t even know they had one there). He talks about all those internal and external journeys you can experience at a place like that. People on their way somewhere, both physically as well as mentally. We ourselves love to talk about traveling, and especially long term travel, as a life transforming event, so I totally agree with him there.

I also like the way he uses the airport as a metaphor for life and want to quote him on that:

Sometimes people stop me on my journey. An airport security inspector or someone else who wishes me well, would inquire if I really need all the “life luggage” that I am carrying around. “Luggage” that diminishes me; like prestige, never ending anger, discouragement and envy, would be a relief to just leave behind. Perhaps the journey, the vacation, meeting new people and places will give me the opportunity to reflect over my luggage and get my life into perspective.

And here again, I couldn’t agree more. This is also our own experience and something I want to emphasize, traveling really makes you get perspective on your life and helps you to become a better person! Imaging if we just could look at our everyday lives as if we’re on a constant round the world trip, with minds open to the “new” (to everything that is, because do we really know everybody and everything as well as we think?). We would get innumerable opportunities to reflect on who we really are, what we are doing and what we really would want to do, not take everything for granted and be more open to looking at things in a different way.

For me, it’s an interesting thought, a bit zen like I guess, and it does require quite some practice. And in the meantime, we can always rehearse this way of looking at the world by traveling around in it and bring the new perspectives back home, can’t we?

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