We got this question a while back. We do get many questions and we love them so do keep them coming. Send them to Info@extendedworldtravel.com or post them in the comments below. It sure helps us to know what’s on your mind and in what way we might be able to assist you.

Anyway, the whole question was:

“I was just curious as to how possible and realistic it would be to travel for 10 years or more with little initial savings, no education past high school, and no other source of income?”

The answer to that is very simple: it is absolutely possible! But, and this is important to remember, it all depends on any specific desires you may have regarding your travels and what you want them to be like.
It’s a very common misconception that long term traveling has to be expensive. Maybe it’s because a lot of people see it as an extended one week holiday in high season, when you stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, hang out in bars every night and spend money on tourist attractions. Multiply that by 52 and you will of course get an astronomical figure for a one year journey. And if this is the way you want to travel you will need lots of money in the bank or a big steady income. For most long term travelers , this is not the way they do it though, usually because that are not their circumstances.

A lot of people who want to travel long term don’t have the money for an extravagant journey. So they have to plan accordingly and find solutions that match their situation and their desires. Even without any money saved up it is still possible to go on a long journey.

The truth is, traveling long term can often be much cheaper than staying at home! We have met many and talked to many travelers who confirm this. For instance, when you’re on the road, you don’t have all the fixed costs that come with keeping a home and staying in one place. No rent, no home insurance, no car (if you are not traveling by car that is), no electric bills, no expenses for commuting , no day care costs…

All you got is basically the expenses for food, lodging and transportation. And there are also many things you can do to keep even these at a minimum. It just takes some creativity and a willingness to find solutions.

One idea is network travel which we have written about earlier here. If you choose this way you can basically eat and sleep for free. That would mean that the only expense that remains is the actual transport. Furthermore, you can always choose to ride a bike or walk. Maybe it won’t take you around the world, although that is possible too, but will definitely keep the expenses close to zero :-) .

And this is possible to do for a year or longer. To have plenty of time absolutely makes it easier to be able to travel inexpensively. We have some friends who did just that. They used WWOOF for their network travel, and spent 5 years traveling around Europe (and this is not the cheapest part of the world). They just kept going and even became parents along the way, and then continued to be “WWOOFers” with their child.

Of course this may not be everyone’s choice. But neither are first class tickets and 5 star hotels. You just have to find whatever suites you and your circumstances.

And yes, just to be clear: Education has nothing to do with this being possible or not…

Don’t forget to write your own question in the comments :-)

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  • This is a bit of a dream of mine. I would love to spend the rest of my life travelling. It is probably easier once you start but talking that initial leap is very scary!
    .-= Marc@Aluminium Ladders´s last blog ..Telescopic Extension Ladders =-.

    • Maria says:

      It can also be more scare whey you’re just thinking about it. Starting to do something, to take a step in the direction of your dream trip, will set you in motion and things will start to happen. Once you have created some flow, things may seem less scary I believe.

  • Laura@TV 3D says:

    I think 10 years without source of income can be very difficult ! Working abroad or do WWOOF can be a good solution :)
    .-= Laura@TV 3D´s last blog ..La 1er caméscope 3D grand public chez Panasonic =-.

  • They say that if you have will, there is always a way, and of course I believe on this. And therefore, for me if you have will on traveling for 10 years even though there is a little initial savings, I can have ways to push it through and maybe while traveling I will find some opportunities that could increase my savings, therefore it’s a way of traveling while earning.

  • I think that it will always depend on the person and on how much money they bought along on the start of the trip. Sure traveling for 10 years is a long run and obviously, along the way you’ll be encountering a lot of expenses. But if you put your mind to being determined in spending less, then it might be possible.

  • I’ve read about WWOOF and it sounds great. Working for you’re vacation is an equal trade for enjoyment but that is for long vacations though and what I had in mind was just a couple of days worth of fun and enjoyment type of vacation not the vacation for years LoL
    .-= Andrew @ Anelli xavier reviews´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  • I think it’s possible, it depend actually on one’s personality if he is a wise spender, then it’s possible as a traveler. Actually your point is right that while traveling you have no fixed cost to pay, so it’s much cheaper compare to living in a permanent place. While traveling you just need to be wise and have a job or a business that would support your venture. Thanks for this great article.

  • Success in this kind of venture is totally a great challenge for me but this idea is possible as long as a person have goals and determination in life he can actually make this happen. And I agree with there is no fixed cost to pay and therefore traveling is more cost-efficient than staying at home. And WWOOF will be really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  • I think if we are eager to do what we want and determined in doing so, nothing seems to be impossible and traveling could be just a reach of hand. It’s just how you deal with your finances. Money is not a hindrance if you want things to happen. Your own willingness will help you find a way. thanks for sharing.
    .-= California DUI Attorneys´s last blog ..ROR Sitemap for http-wwwcaliforniaduihelpcom- =-.

  • This could be a great challenge, but I believe that everything is possible with great determination. I believe that traveling gives a lot of adventure and you can make money while doing it. If the person is really determined for this goal, I think it is possible to travel and enjoy. Thanks a lot for the post!

  • Interesting question. I think it’s definitely possible especially if your initial saving are from living in a wealthier country and your travels are to a country with a less developed economy. Then you benefit from the currency exchange and lower costs in those countries.
    .-= Gennaro@Enduring Wanderlust´s last blog ..Uganda- Next Kenya or Tanzania =-.

  • Hmmm, I think so. If you travel with less extravagance you could really save. There are lots of inexpensive places to travel. Just don’t travel in Las Vegas; you could lose your house and lot there from poker defeat. Love your blog.

  • This is possible but with great effort and discipline.

  • Travel has been a part of life since then. well. it depends upon the person maybe. how he handle the expenses and how he manage it. I do believe that there is nothing impossible to do with a good and intelligent.
    .-= Clearwater Criminal Lawyer´s last blog ..Pinellas Drug Charges – St Petersburg Lawyer Arrested On Charges Of Trafficking In Oxycodone =-.

  • I really love to travel since then and I consider myself as an adventurous person that’s why I enjoy every time I am assigned to other places to work since I am a photojournalist by profession. Visiting other places is cool and very memorable. Every place that I visited has a history and experiences of it’s own. In my own opinion traveling for 10 years or more with initial saving is quite difficult especially if you bring your whole family. Traveling is quite very expensive nowadays.

  • I think traveling for 10 years with little initial savings is really possible. It is only a matter of responsible use of any funds that you have and being resourceful of a possible source of an additional income. Talking about traveling, I also enjoy it yet I cannot imagine myself spending that much long journey.

  • I really love to travel but I love traveling with my family. Enjoying together in the beautiful places will worth every cent we are spending. If we’re very determine and have enough passion in traveling, it is really possible to travel for more that ten years with little initial savings.

  • I like the idea of yours. You have shared us about travel in a different perspective. Mostly, we see travel as expensive and luxurious. But if we look at it in a different perspective I am sure we can have all the access and resources. It’s all in the mind. Think positively! :) Thanks for the post!

  • Traveling without spending much? Great! Traveling nowadays is very expensive that’s why people only travel during special occasions. Thanks for giving options on how to enjoy our travel without worrying about the cost. I’d like to try this.

  • Traveling really cost a lot of penny. I don’t agree to your thought that traveling is much more cheaper than staying at home. for my own point of view, It is much more better to stay in your house with a house-based work than traveling without earning a single penny. I love traveling but it was really hard to travel with just a little amount of money because nowadays, it is hard to find a traveling place that is cheap and affordable.

  • It’s a great idea! I do love to travel and how much more if I will not going to spend that much. If that happens it is a great advantage on my part because I can go anywhere without spending too much of my money. On the other hand it’s quite impossible to travel together with your family for a small amount of penny that you have. If you don’t want to spend too much you can just travel all by your self. Well, I’ll try to do this one of these days, let’s see if it really works. Thanks for your post!

  • I do agree with that.. If you are money wise and all of the things that you are planning to buy during the travel are budget friendly then that would not be impossible! Once your on travel you can never let go of the fact that there are a lot of temptations of buying something along the way. But here’s the catch, If you really know what is the difference between the NEED against WANT, then you will probably guided very well on your travel. Thanks for the post! I had gain a valuable insight too in terms of travel! More Power!

  • Traveling can be costly if we don’t know how to budget our money. Sometimes our guts and willingness will help us reach what we wanted. I really love to travel but in my case, it may not be possible for me to travel for ten years because i’m not money wise. Every time I travel, I always bought stuffs that were not included in my budget.

  • I think traveling will really cost you much if you don’t know how to budget your money. Traveling doesn’t mean spending a lot for enjoyment. You don’t have to spend your dollars in going to expensive places or stay at a glamorous hotel and have a dinner with fabulous restaurants just to satisfy your want. Just think of the nice but less expensive places to travel. Yes, I definitely agree when you said that staying at home is more expensive than traveling. When you’re at home, you have to pay for the bills and etc…right? Unlike, when you’re out of town or somewhere. That’s a good observation. Thanks for the post.
    .-= Gastonia DUI Lawyer´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  • Traveling is one of the many things i would to do. But apparently i can’t to that because of some reason’s. First in foremost i also lack financial help. Second, my parents wouldn’t allow me to do so. Because they think it’s dangerous at my age.

  • We consider traveling as one of the best way to relieve from stress. But others refuse for some reasons like MONEY. There is a misconception when we talk about this. Some says, that it is a waste of money. Well, I partly agree BUT, can’t you find ways to travel without spending that much? Actually, it all depends on how you handle things. If you really want to travel and enjoy so be it. Just be a wise spender.

  • Financial aspect really matters especially if we want to travel. And others are hesitant to do traveling because of financial problem. But I guess,you can travel even though you have a small amount, it all depends on how you handle it. You can enjoy your travel with out spending too much by avoiding to the places where their a possibility to spend much like in places of souvenir items. Lol.

  • I think that is not a good idea, traveling with a tight budget. Traveling would be a great experience if you can buy the things that you’d like.Thanx anyway.

  • Traveling means spending money, so we need to be financially stable. Nice post.

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  • Travelling is okay but you should be clever enough in setting up things before you go. Travelling is spending, they said. Yes, it’s true. When you travel, you really have to spend BUT not to the extent that you’ll spend too much to satisfy your want. Be a wise spender. Think of the possible outcome before you spend that money to something. What will I gain? Should I allot money for this items? And of course be sure that those items you buy are your needs.

  • learn golf says:

    Interesting article and nice blog you have too!

  • Oh how sweet that would be to just get on the open road for as long as one would like! :) A road rat like me would definitely appreciate that opportunity to do, and with my trusty laptop by my side and a reliable Internet connection, I can pretty much take care of business without expensive phone calls or snail mail. Perhaps one day, I’ll take a year-long road trip and explore the places right here in America that I’ve always wanted to visit.

  • Norma S. Spooner says:


    This was also the question I asked to me and my husband since we are retiring soon. We are planning on a long travel and vacation because we now have all the time we want. We are planning on cruise but I don’t know. I am still thinking about it.

    Norma from diet delivery Miami

  • This could be exciting. Sometimes it would be great travelling with less expenses. I will surely be delighted travelling with my friends around.

  • I once saw on TV a couple who started traveling about 7 years ago, I think. They never stopped traveling even after having kids while on the road. Now, they have 4! They live on donations. So I guess it really is possible to travel on a light budget. It just takes some creativity and perseverance. I hope to travel one day.

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  • Bobby says:

    I have a writer friend who spent a summer dodging Italian helicopters as an illegal grape harvester in the southern vineyards. Teaching ESL (English as a second language) is a more popular (and legal) option for many American college graduates these days, and it’s a great way to travel and earn a living at the same time.

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  • Anisa says:

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  • ESL jobs says:

    I think it’s possible but it will be difficult. But have patience as long as you have the savings and keep it growing.

  • Free Games says:

    Traveling can be costly if we don’t know how to budget our money. Sometimes our guts and willingness will help us reach what we wanted. I really love to travel but in my case, it may not be possible for me to travel for ten years because i’m not money wise. Every time I travel, I always bought stuffs that were not included in my budget.

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