Generating Money for a Traveling Lifestyle

Some of you may be tempted to totally change path and create an independent life style that allows you to travel whenever you want.

Since this has been our lifestyle for many years, we want to share with you some of the resources we have learned from, regarding the part that usually feels most challenging to people, money.

These are some things which have been a support for us and allowed us, to a large extent, to create the life we dream of.

We read books, followed e-courses, and participated in live seminars and events as well as in tele-seminars.

All things have, in their own different ways, been very helpful in giving us insights into, and information about money issues (as well as other areas of our lives).

As we see it, this subject consists of two different parts; the psychology of money and the means to actually create and invest money. To really be able to create your financial freedom, you need to have some insights into both.

We think it’s important to start with the mental part, to prepare the soil before you start planting, so to speak. If your mind isn’t prepared for the creation of money, it really doesn’t matter how much great advice or opportunities you get, you won’t be able to let them take root and grow strong.

When it comes to actually making the money, there are endless different ways to do it, all of which depend on you, your interests and your personality.

It is important to notice though, that you stick to whatever way you choose, even if it feels a bit hard at time and doubts turn ups. It is when you get past the tough parts that success comes your way. Consistency is the key!

Therefore it is good to choose something you enjoy and like doing. And of course, to build a business which also gives you a passive income is perfect for traveling. That way, it doesn’t matter if you happen to spend a couple of days (or weeks) on a train in China, or hiking on some trail in Peru, your income is there for you anyway!

Money Psychology

What is money really? What is my relationship to it and how can I create the relationship with money that will best support me and the way I want to live my life?

These are some of the questions you’ll be able to answer from the programs that deal mainly with the psychological aspect of money.

The Millionaire Mind

In 2004, our family attended a fantastic three-day seminar in Seattle, The Millionaire Mind Intensive , a wealth Seminar given by T. Harv Eker.

This is a seminar where you really get to take a look at your relationship with and the psychology of money, things which are crucial to have an insight into if you want to be successful in this field. For us, this seminar was just absolutely mind blowing!

The Millionaire Mind seminar is held in different places around the USA and Canada as well as in Singapore and is at the moment just being launched in Europe – in London. Find out more about it at

T. Harv Eker has also written a couple of books, one of them being Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Us and T Harv eker at the Millionaire Mind

With T Harv Eker at the Millionaire mind

Wealth Workout

Last year, which we spent largely in England, we discovered this fantastic guy, who does a similar money seminar in London, Europe. His name is Marcus de Maria and he is passionately interested in helping people creating financial freedom for themselves. His seminar, the Wealth Workout, is held regularly in central London. This too, our whole family attended and found really great. If you are not in the London neighborhood, the Wealth Workout is also available on DVD.

Creating Money

The different ways to create money are endless, of course, but for a traveling lifestyle it’s better to look at things that can be managed from anywhere and that also generate money for you while you are on the road.

The internet provides many options to work independently from anywhere in the world doing something that suits you. It is actually possible to set up an internet business that makes money for you while you are laying on the beach in Bali, hiking up the Kilimanjaro, or using your time and energy as volunteer, helping out somewhere in the world.


This website was created from the idea of writing a book on how to travel. A book that would give answers to all the questions we get about how it’s possible to do extended travel. Questions we have been asked so, so many times. The book is still in preparation but since beginning it we realized we needed a website as well.

Our first website was created with the help of something called This great system took us by the hand and introduced us to this world of website creation.

Another great resource and help for us in the process of doing our new site has been Gina Gaudio-Graves. She is a fantastic source of knowledge on how to set up a website/blog that actually drives traffic, which is the foundation of making money on the Internet. You’ll find her programs at

E-book and Online articles

To write e-books and articles is an option as well, neither being as difficult as you may believe. Someone who teaches this over the internet is Connie Ragen-Green at

You don’t need any special writing or internet experience to be able to do what she’s teaching. The desire to be in charge of your own time and finances is enough.

Internet Marketing

Marketing and selling products over the internet, either your own or those of other people, is a huge area. For a traveler, it’s easiest when the product is intangible, a service, for example, but you can of course set up a system for handling physical products if that’s what you have or prefer.

If you sell either your own or other people’s products – affiliate marketing – you need to learn how to set up your internet marketing business and how to run it.

There are many programs for learning this (some great, some good, and some not so good) and their styles differ widely. You have to look around and consider also what kind of person you are and what kind of program suits you. Here are a couple of good sites that we have experience with, all of which address the absolute beginner. They teach basically the same thing but in very different styles:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is when you promote and sell other people’s products and receive a percentage of the sales (usually somewhere between 35 and 75%). It is a great way to quickly and easily (in a matter of days!) start your own internet business.

To find products you might like to promote, have a look at for example. Here you have literally thousands of products in every conceivable area to choose from.

A tool that we found really helpful for finding the best Clickbank products is

You then sign up to promote a specific product, one that suits you, and then tell other people about it on a web site, a blog or in an article for example (all of which you can learn to create from the addresses mentioned above).

If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing techniques and tools from a book, you can find two of the absolutely best regarded most comprehensive and easy to follow ones here:

Network Marketing

Network Marketing is another way of working independently and we have friends who do this very successfully. You are part of a network and promote and sell products for a company, or rather, you both promote their products and create your own network business at the same time.

For more info go to:

Investing and trading

Another, independent way of making money is by investing in the stock market. Yes, even in these times of stock market crashes and credit crunches there are ways to invest that are not always affected by the ups and downs.

Marcus de Maria, who does the Wealth Workout, also runs the Investment Mastery, ‘ where you’ll learn, in detail and step by step, how to create money from systems he himself has used very successfully for years. The Investment Mastery is, at the moment, run in London, England.

Someone who’s also been using different stock market systems very successfully and who teaches them to beginners is Dr Cooper at He has an on line program that you follow and where you get plenty of support for creating money in this way. This is also something you can do from wherever you are in the world.


We also really love Cashflow, a board game invented by Robert Kiyosaki to help people change their view on creating and investing money. The game is educational about money and is also fun. You play and learn at the same time! Cashflow is for adults and older children but there is also a CashFlow for Kids.


Book lovers as we are, we have of course also read lots of books on the subject of money.

Visit Books we recommend to get some inspiration.

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