” I’d love to travel, but I don’t have the time!”

Is that you’re first thought when someone mentions extended traveling? Do you ask yourself; “How on earth would I get the time to go on a 6 month trip when my life is so busy already?”

If you are like most people, your day is probably filled with things like; work, overtime, commuting, studies, children, school, home work, shopping, cooking, driving, activities, hobbies, telephone calls, e-mails, TV, to name just a few.

How would you be able to cram a 9, 6 or even a 3 month journey into your busy life? Where would you find the time?

You Create the Time

We’ll tell you a secret. You don’t get the time. You never will.
You claim the time!

People who travel the world for extended periods are usually not people who suddenly find themselves with a bunch of extra time that they don’t know what to fill with.

The vast majority of travelers are people just like you, with schedules filled to the brims. And one day, they get this idea. This idea about something else… something more, a different life! They allow this idea to be there and they put their focus on it. They nourish it and help it grow. And that makes all the difference!

When we took the time…

At one stage in our lives, everything became just too much. Our own company consumed all our time (and all our money too, it seemed). Whatever was (wasn’t) left of the time, we used for driving the children to school and other places, cleaning and refurbishing our huge old house and all the other everyday activities.

”Vagabonding is about refusing to exile travel to some other seemingly appropriate time of your life”
Rolf Potts

One day it was just enough! We started dreaming about something else. We wrote a letter (this was before the e-mail days) to one of the biggest newspapers traveling section: “How do we take our family to New Zealand (the other side of the world to us) and find ways to create money while traveling around there?” They published our question together with some very inspiring answers. Wow, we had started a ball rolling!

The travel idea now really had planted itself in our minds. We had taken the first step; we were practically on our way! No, we didn’t go to NZ this time (but we did later). We bought an old campervan instead and went through Europe to Southern Spain for 5 months. And even if it wasn’t as exotic as NZ, it was the best use of our time we’d ever had. To leave all the time consuming activities at home that we were caught up in and just BE!

”Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.”

We suddenly had the time to really listen to each other, the time to really talk to each other, the time to think a thought to the end. This abundance of time helped us to gain a perspective on our lives and to see what was really important to us. What did we want to keep of the things we used to do and what did we not want when we returned? This trip turned out to be the beginning of a totally new life for us.

Time is Life…

Time is life and time is your most important resource.
Do you use it as such?

When we talk about time, it’s good to start to think about what we want to get out of our life. In our western world lives today, we have an abundance of directions to go. There are so many things we can do (not to mention all the things we think we “must” do). We have access to an infinite mass of information. We know (at least in theory) that everything is possible…If we’re not aware of what’s important to us, what we really want to give our time/life to, it’s extremely easy to get overwhelmed, and even burned out.

In these choice abundant times, more than ever, it’s essential
to find out and decide which ways we want to go and
what we want to put our focus on.

If you do want to travel for an extended time, if you want to take a break and gain perspective, if you long for seeing new things and experiencing different cultures, and/or to be with friends and have fun, seek adventure or just to relax, than that’s where your focus should be. For as the (very true) saying goes: “Where attention goes, energy flows and result shows”.

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