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We have decided – again!

Again we had said;  ”no, this year we won’t do our family summer camp” and again we just couldn’t resist. We all think it just so great and so much fun to have lots of fantastic people gather here at our place in the middle of Sweden. People who come together, share, do fun things and “just” spend time together.

It’s now the 7th family camp we’ll arrange here at our small farm and we usually are at least around a hundred people, adults and kids. We’ve had people from all over the world participating. Apart from Sweden, they have come from places like Germany, France, Spain, England, Holland, Finland, Norway and some even from as far away as the US, Israel, Taiwan and New Zealand!

So, now you are invited too! To read more about the gathering and see some more pictures from previous years you can go to

Hope to see you soon!


I’m sitting here with a box full of books beside me. Not any books though – our own book! It’s an amazing thing, being able to hold it in your hands after all this time of talking about it, planning and working with it.
You could without exaggeration call it a 5 year plan – we started brainstorming around it in 2005 :) More exactly on Viktoria’s 17th birthday when we were sitting in the café at Thursday Plantation, the Tea Tree Oil place south of Byron Bay, Australia. I remember it well, we had been traveling around the world for some months and were discussing, again, all these questions people always ask us when we’re away. Like;

How do you get the money to travel?

How do you have the time?

What about the children’s school and

How could you travel when you have a job?

We’d all heard them more than once :) and realized that what people really want to know with all these questions, is how they could do it too. How they could leave their jobs for a while, let the kids take a break from school, find the means to go on a 6 month trip and maybe create a more independent lifestyle in general.
Anyway, that day, at the café, someone (jokingly) came up with this idea that we should write a book with our answers and then we could just give it to people. We first just laughed at the idea but then started thinking that it actually didn’t seem like such a bad thing. And now see where it has led us, that discussion around the lunch table!

Our first attempt was our ebook, which already has been out for a while, you can find it HERE. But now we also have a “REAL” one, a paper book! It contains lots of information on how to make a reality of that long dream trip for any family – how you could travel – and also our ideas about why we think that you should. We really think that traveling around as a family is GOOD for you and want to do our best to help you get out there and see for yourselves.
Here are some different links, depending on where in the world you’re living, or traveling :) and where you can check out the book and buy it.

USA – &
Canada –
UK –
Germany –
France –
Japan –
Sweden –

So check it out! Order it for yourselves and for your friends so they can go too or give it away as a Christmas present!

Happy Trip!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover“
Mark Twain

“To be able to be brave,

you first have to be afraid”

A remark from one of the younger participants of our unconventional gathering last week, Lukas, 10. Many more wise and inspirational things came up when we gathered together, asko201030 adults with about 40 children, to discuss and brainstorm around the issue of how to create our financial futures.

Since we were quite a lot of homeschoolers, many of us had already “seen the light”. When you’re not part of a school system and not bound to be in one specific place at certain times for the kid’s education, it’s easy to start fantasizing around how it would be if you could apply this to your work life as well.

  • What if I didn’t have to “go to work” every day?
  • What if I could work from anywhere?
  • If I could work part time and have loads of time free?
  • If I could have a seasonal job?
  • Create a passive income?
  • Really focus on the one thing I love and create a business out of that?
  • Have several, smaller projects and devote myself to all the things I’m passionate about?
  • How could I create a lifestyle that would allow me to travel the world with my family?
  • How could I take a break for a year to contemplate about what I’d want to do with my life?
  • What would my dream life look like?

Many questions arose during the 3 days (out of the week) when we were focusing on “Money, Job and Life”. And many answers and ideas were provided! Ideas and solutions which probably wouldn’t have come up if we had been sitting on our own trying to figure these things out. It’s so true what they say, that when you get together and use all your combined capacity to focus on solutions, 2 and 2 actually doesn’t make 4 – but 5!

Yes, it’s extremely powerful to do something like this with a group of people who all have an interest in finding solutions outside of the 9 to 5 box and I really encourage you all to do it. Find people around you, close by or more far away (you can always create a Skype group or similar) and start looking into what you want to do with your life and how it would be possible to do it. Create a network, or join ours, which we’ll soon have ready.

Take some kind of step to start living the life you’re dreaming about and that you are entitled to. What will be your one first step towards this, today, now? And you are welcome to share your first step here in the comments. The more you go public with it, the more real it gets.

If you want to stay updated to what will happen with our networking project in the future you can leave your email at

Here are some pictures from the week:

asko2010 meeting

Meeting in the "conference centre" = our barn

asko2010 wifi

Internet Cafe in the barn

asko2010 tug of war

Tug of war with the "kids" (ages 2-22)

Frode, 3, using Skype for the first time

Frode, 3, using Skype for the first time

asko2010 night

Late meeting by the fire

Relaxing by the fire

Relaxing by the fire

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We are not only about traveling even though it is definitely one off  our passions in life. As you might have understood after reading some of our blog posts we kind of like doing things a little bit different sometimes.

The palce for Asko2010

The setting for the Asko2010 gathering

  • We like traveling but will not just settle for going on a two week holiday. We want to explorer the possibilities of going on a 3 or 6 month journey.
  • Our children’s education has always been important to us. And since the conventional way which is to send kids to school isn’t always working that great we took a look into alternatives. We investigated and explored the subject and found other ways that work  just as well or even better. On top of that it offered us the time freedom to go on long journeys…
  • To us the idea of working the 9 to 5 has never really inspired us that much. Although, when times are hard we can sometimes get tempted by the security if offers. But  it has never really convinced us to give up our desire for freedom. Whenever really faced with a choice between the two our need for freedom has always won.

A problem with making unconventional choices though is that sometimes people around you don’t always understand. This of course can often make it harder. With this in mind we have decided to hold a gathering for unconventional choices at our small farm in Sweden. How about that?

We have previously had 4 family gatherings at our farm with participants from more than 10 countries. Even with people coming from such far away places like Israel, Spain, USA, Taiwan and New Zeeland. It has been absolutely amazing.

Not having done it for two years we have now decided to do it again. We are opening up our home for anyone willing to come and share in a network meeting around how we can support each other in our unconventional choices. We expect it to be the best week of the summer.

Read more about it at:

And if you are in the neighbourhood do come and join us!

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At Christmas and New Year, food often plays a major roll. Well basically for all kinds of celebrations, a birthday or a wedding, food is always a big ingredient. So with food on my mind I just remembered yet another idea for having a theme when traveling the world. If you’ve been following our blog you know that we’ve suggested several times the idea of having a travel theme. You can read more about a traveling the world theme here.
World food Cafe a result of traveling the world
Anyway, one of the joys of traveling is to taste and experience the food in different countries and cultures. Someone who has taken this a step further is Chris & Carolyn Caldicott. Since the early 1990’s Carolyn has been running World Food Café, a vegetarian restaurant in central London, where they serve dishes inspired from their world travels.

World Food Café recipe book – The result of a traveling the world theme

World Food Café recipe book – A result of traveling the world

We first came across World Food Café through their book with the same name that we picked up in a library here in Sweden. It is a fantastic recipe book especially if you are vegetarian. But more than that, it is also a tremendously inspiring book for anyone interested in traveling. The pictures, taken by Chris who also works as a professional photographer, are just stunning. When seeing some of them you just want to go there!

Since their first book they have written a couple more on food from around the world. Isn’t that a clever idea? I mean whenever they feel up for another journey the just have to come up with a new book idea. They just combine their interest and talents and make something more out of their journeys than just visiting and seeing places.

Since most of our family is vegetarians we of course had to visit the Café to try some of these exotic dishes out on one of our visits to London. The Café itself is on the first floor which made it a bit difficult to find since there were just a small door that was visible at street level. It was a rather simple but nice restaurant with everything in just one big room with the food being prepared in front of your eyes. We enjoyed our meal and took the opportunity to buy a copy of their second book that Carolyn also signed for us.

If you do decide to get your own copy of “World Food Café”, our recommendation is to get the first one they made. And if you’re ever in London and are interested in vegetarian or exotic food, a visit is highly recommended! We will have to go back there again next time we’re in London. Maybe we can pull some travel stories out of them to share with you in the future… and writing this I must admit that my taste buds suddenly want something else than traditional Swedish Christmas food.

So do you have any interest or talents that you can build your journey around?

We’re passionate about traveling, and, as you might have realized, of long term travel. We’re also passionate about spreading the idea about this to as many people as possible.

A list that’ll get you off the couch

A list that’ll get you off the couch

We’re true believers that travel can transform lives, your own as well as the lives of people you surround yourself with and get in contact with. We also believe that the more you travel and experience other ways of living, other cultures and religions, the more you can start to look upon “foreign” people as not so different from yourself. Basically, we’re all pretty alike behind all the superficial differences.

“Perhaps travel can not prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all people cry, laugh, eat, worry and die, it can introduce the idea, that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends”
Maya Angelou

With this blog, we want to encourage and support you to take action and to see that long term travel is a possibility for you to. We also want to inspire you to do whatever you’ll need to do to overcome limiting obstacles and to show you that there are many ways to make a reality of a travel dream.

We’re not the only ones writing about travel though. It’s an area with a huge amount of blogs and web sites as well as magazines. There are thousands of people on the net writing about travel. There are also many different travel blog lists out there, and one we think contains a lot of inspiring and fun blogs is “100 Best Travel Journal Blogs” .

People on this list write about their travel experiences from many different angles, and if you’re looking for more inspiration or information that will help you get off the couch, you will most certainly find it Here.

A few posts back we wrote about how to Travel for free or even make money while traveling. Later on we bumped into this man and his unique way of how to get paid to travel. It is an unusual way and definitely not one that we would have thought about.

Stan Grist

Stan Grist

Stan Grist is an adventurer and explorer. Living his life like some Indiana Jones character in pursuit of hidden treasures he travels the world. And apparently he makes good money living out his passion in this way.

It does amaze us that gold prospecting and treasure hunting is a way of making money still in these days. We thought the only money to be made in this area was by writing an adventure book or shooting a film.

Well, this just shows how restricted we are by our limiting beliefs. It shows us as well that it’s possible to make money and travel in almost any way.

How would you do it? What is your passion? How could you travel and make money doing that?

Consider these questions for a while and see what you come up with. It’s like when you’ve just learnt that you will become a parent for the first time. Suddenly you start noticing all the children in the world, who have been there all the time but just not been on your “radar”. In the same way you will discover opportunities with your passion if you give it attention.

And for all you adventurers out there who dream of going exploring and finding hidden treasures. Check out Stan’s website at .

Happy Prospecting!

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When exploring the web the other day I was reminded of  foXnoMad and his 7 Reasons You Won’t Travel The World.  Anil Polat alias foXnoMad is a very experienced traveler who has been on the road for years.  He did a poll on his blog and discovered that  66% of all people wants to travel around the world. But he concludes that most of them won’t make it and the 7 reasons for that, according to him are:
book ad 250 X 250
1.    You are comfortable at your job.
2.    You think it’s expensive and don’t know how to pay for it.
3.    You don’t know where you’d go.
4.    You’ll miss your family and friends.
5.    You have kids or will soon have.
6.    You don’t know what your significant other will say.
7.    You will travel the world but maybe a few years from now.

Basically his conclusion are equivalent to what we call the BUT’S. Put into his order we would have:

1.    Job and Career
2.    No Money
3.    We don’t have that one on our list.
4.    Family and Friends
5.    Children and School
6.    Family and Friends – again
7.    No Time

Number 3 does surprise us. Most aspiring travelers that we’ve talked to, do have ideas of what they want to see or where they want to go.  But it is true, you have to make that desire strong enough to you pull yourself together and do something about that dream of yours. We cover a lot of that in Why Travel.

We agree that a lot of these reasons have the potential of stopping you from taking off on a round the world journey. But at the same time these obstacles are all possible to overcome. Our intention has been to show that with lots of examples.

FoXnoMad has done the same by writing his eBook Overcoming the 7 Majors Obstacles to Traveling the World.  Although some of the ideas in there are the same as ours, there are also a lot of ideas presented in a different way or even different ideas all together.

If you are serious about finding a way past your obstacles there is always a good idea to get different peoples view on things. So do check out his eBook here. Maybe his approach better corresponds with you than our does?

Whatever gets you to follow through on your dream doesn’t matter to us. We just want you to do it – For your own sake!

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