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As we mentioned in our previous post on this topic, we have split the costs up into different categories to look at them separately. The first one we’d want to look at is the actual travel cost. The traveling can of course be made in many different ways. In another earlier post, we mentioned some of the more common ones, like flying, driving, sailing, cycling and even walking. Yes, we’ve been reminded that we’ve left some out like motor cycling and hitchhiking. We are sure there are even more…
RTW ticketAnyway, some of these ways may not be so suitable for an around the world journey even if there are examples of people using them. Just a quick search on the internet and we found: an English man who drove around the world recently, a Korean woman who walked around the world for 6 years. And then of course, on motorcycle we got the famous actor Ewan McGregor who rode his motorbike the “Long Way Round” with his friend Charley Boorman.

For, what we hope, understandable reasons, we can’t possible cover all the different ways of transportation at this point. We may get back with an in depth look at the man who drove and the woman who walked, but for now we will focus on the most common way, flying.

Make a search on the Internet and you will find endless of hits for round the world tickets. But basically they all come down to the three major airline alliances Star Alliance, One World and Sky Team.

One World we think has the coolest booking engine, where you can go all the way to actually buying the ticket. This is great when you are looking for what the actual prices may be. Many of the other booking services have extra charges which you don’t know about until you’ve contacted them for the exact price. To do a test, we did some quick searchers for a RTW ticket including stops in Stockholm-Los Angeles-Honolulu-Sydney- Mumbai-Stockholm over a 6 month period. The total price on offer for that was US$ 3 150.

Another booking engine we tried offered, for a similar journey, a price range from US$2 350 – 3 150. But then, to get a more accurate price you had to contact them.

Anyway, this is a start. Our guess is that the lady taking herself around by walking did not spend that amount of money on shoes. But then, it took her longer to complete the journey. Instead of paying with cash she paid with her time and effort and got a totally different experience.

So what does this amount represent?

Well, to put it into some perspective, we checked what someone commuting in the London area had to pay on a monthly basis for a travel pass. If you live, for instance, within a 20-30 minute train ride of the very center of London, you would have to pay roughly US$ 200-300 a month. That would make US$ 1 200-1 800 for a six months period. And if you have the inspiration to go traveling for a year the amount of money you would save would be US$ 2 400-3 600. In other words your trip around the world would pay itself if you didn’t have to go to work!

We know there are probably a lot of objections to this comparison. But why? If you could make money by not commuting to an office in central London the money you were saving could actually go to a ticket that would take you all the way around the world.

The only trick now is to figure out how to make that money in some other way…

We are willing to admit that we are not RTW ticket booking experts and would therefore like to point you to someone who is considered the guru in this field – Edward Hasbrouck. Also check out his book The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World

That’s it for now. Stay tuned and we will soon take a look at some of the other costs…

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This is a question people often ask us and it would be great if we could just be able to easily give them a price estimation. But the amount of money it will cost to travel is unfortunately and luckily depending on a multitude of choices and decisions. Unfortunately we say because we can’t offer you a quick answer and luckily because it gives every one of us the possibility to travel around the world even though we may not have the money to start with.

What does it cost?

What does it cost?

There are, as we have already shown in previous blog posts and on this website, different ways of traveling which doesn’t have to cost any money, or at least not very much. Sometimes it is even possible to get paid to travel! Still, this is not for everyone and therefore we will make an attempt to describe how you can find out what kind of money you will need. What’s the point of finding out how much someone else needs? You’ll want to know what the costs will be for you….

To do this we have to take the whole question apart and look at the different pieces. On the How to travel page we did this by highlighting the different parts that make up what we call the Travel Stew:

• What to do while traveling
• Ways to travel
• Travel and accommodation

Relaxing on the beach can be great the first couple of days/weeks after having left a busy life, but what about the rest of your long term trip?

Relaxing on the beach can be great the first couple of days/weeks after having left a busy life, but what about the rest of your long term trip?

So before doing anything else, the best would be if you could describe your dream journey. Having a clear vision for your self will be a tremendous help to estimating the amount of money you’ll need.

The image of a dream journey is for many people a holiday with lazy time on the beach. And that is maybe OK if you only got a week or so at your disposal. But, and this is not just our opinion but the experience of a lot of travelers, it tends to get a bit boring if you are on an extended journey.

Anyway, before moving any further into the cost of traveling, you need to be clear on what you are looking for to buy. The same goes for traveling as for any other purchase. Buying something from the top of the line and expecting to pay a bargain price is not particularly common. You will either have to put up more money or lower your demands. But if you are willing to do that you can always find something suitable.

A couple of important aspects to take into consideration are how and when you want to pay. What we mean by this is that not everything has to be paid for with cash.

Sometime you can pay with your work, like for instance if you offer your time and labor in exchange for food and lodging by being a WWOOFer.

An alternative way to raise money if you are time rich but money poor is for instance to take a slow bus ride instead of a fast flight. You will get to the same destination but usually not at the same time.

And then you also have to take into consideration if you are willing to make some money during the journey or if you want to have it all in the bank before taking off?

So this money to travel issue is a major topic and we need to break it up into several posts. If you do have anything to add or specific questions don’t hesitate to let us know.

Please stay tuned for our follow up on the different aspects, and in the mean time do take the opportunity to look at what you want out of YOUR extended journey. Knowing that will take you a long way…

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Lasts year when we were going away for 7 months, we needed someone to stay in our house and take care of it. Or rather, we needed someone to take care of our three cats. We’d only had one cat for a long time and it usually wasn’t too difficult to find a place for him when we were away. But three….
So, just a few weeks before we left, we found the solution: a house sitter! A house sitter is a person (or a couple/family) who come and live in your home and look after it, and your pets if you have any, while you are away.

House sitting is a way to travel and stay for free by helping people out when they are traveling too. This is a system you can use both ways. You can travel and stay for free by taking care of somebody’s home. House sitting can also be a way of making your trip possible by having someone staying in your home and taking care of whatever needs to be looked after.

There are some different house sitting organizations out there and the one we used to find our wonderful house sitters was So we put up an add there, saying where we lived, what we wanted someone to look after especially (our precious cats) and how long we were going to be away for.

You can find all sorts of interesting houses to stay in when you house sit

You can find all sorts of interesting houses to stay in when you house sit (Pippi Longstockings house, Villa Villerkulla, in Gotland, Sweden)

I must admit, we didn’t have much hope of finding someone willing to spend a whole winter in Sweden. To our big surprised though, the answers came pouring in! It looked like people from all over the world were interested in experiencing some ice and snow. We were particularly surprised to find so many Australians willing to exchange their summer for the Swedish winter!

Anyway, we finally decided to invite a Canadian/American couple with a baby to come and stay here. The mother had actually been a house sitter for seven years (!), taking care of people’s houses in different parts of the world and worked as a writer at the same time! A perfect combination!

So they came and we left. We both got what we were looking for, and everything worked out perfectly. So, if you’re looking for a way to travel the world and stay in one place for a period of time (it doesn’t have to be for months, you can house sit for shorter periods too) or if you want somebody to take care of your home when you are traveling yourself, we really think you should check this out.

The organization we used and were very pleased with is Also, keep your eyes open for a post here by our Canadian house sitter about how house sitting has made it possible for her to travel the world for years!

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Here is a great little tip on how you can add some money to your travel budget. It might not be suitable for everyone, but then, what is…?
Travel Blogging and How to Make Money with Your Travel Blog
What we are talking about is, as the title suggests, how to make money with your travel blog. Having a travel blog can serve many purposes:

First of all it is a great way to, right on the spot, collect and save your memories in an organized way. To create a way to remember all the little great incidents that happens every day but run the risk of getting lost in the multitudes of impressions that you collect on an extended journey. And it is just perfect because you don’t need to carry the memories around with you and have the risk of loosing them.

Next reason is maybe the obvious one. It is a super way to keep in contact with family and friends. Everyone back home can be a part of, and share your experience almost instantly. Having traveled before travel blogging was as common, we know that friends and family can be a bit overwhelmed when you want to share you adventures of an extended journey all in one go. Showing hundreds of pictures and telling travel stories for hours have put more than one of our victims to sleep…

If you do decide that blogging is something you will be doing on your journey anyway, why not make some money at the same time? For this purpose Nomadic Matt’s little e-Book is a great start.

We are well aware of the fact that writing does not come to easy to everyone. But we don’t think that is a reason for despair. Maybe a Vlog or a Video Blog is the solution for you? Posting beautiful, inspirational or funny video clips from your extended journey can be a great way to save your memories and share them with near and dear ones but also a great way of making money online.

One advantage, that is often forgotten, is that you can start travel blogging straight away. You do not have to wait until the big day for takeoff arrives. You can start now so when the take off day comes you may already be making money with your travel blog. That means that you can have an income when you are traveling around enjoying yourself. Isn’t that cool?

There are lots and lots of travel blogs out there telling their story. But there are very few of these that tell the story of how people actually were able to go traveling in the first place. What did they have to do, go through and overcome in order be able to go on their journey? You can write about all the experiences you’ve got from preparing for the trip.

This is, by the way, what a lot of people want to know! What needs to be done in order to reach that goal of taking off on a long journey? Once at the Great Barrier Reef it is easy to figure out how the snorkeling is done. But when it comes to what you should do with a job, school, money, home, pets and relatives that is where you are left on your own.

That is the story we are trying to tell. And if you have something to add, let us know and we will pass it on to our readers or link to YOUR BLOG!

We just remembered another reason for starting your blog straight away.

To make a dream come true you have to commit to it. And what better way is there to commit than telling the whole wide world that you are going on this big trip. It will be much harder for you to draw back from that commitment once you have expressed it publicly. You will also find invaluable support among your readers and probably lay the foundation for your personal network that can be used for Network Travel. Read more about Network Travel here.

A little while ago we wrote about Matt who danced around the world. Paul Smith used another solution, Twitter, for his journey to the other side of the world. The possibilities are really endless to travel around the world if you use your imagination and don’t let yourself be stopped by your “But’s”.

How is that for a solution to the money issue? It only didn’t cost him anything but he even raised money for charity! Find out more about his adventure and the rules he set form himself on his blog:

Paul’s basic idea was to use a network for this journey. In a way the same idea that we write about on our Network Travel page. We all belong to many different networks and several of them can be used for traveling. Take the time to think about which networks you belong to and if they can be used for your own journey.

Or for anyone who is up to it, let’s create our own travel network. For a start just join the Extended World Travel Facebook Group that we have set up so we can start connecting. See you there…

We have also joined twitter. Who knows, maybe we want to Tweet ourselves around the world in the future and then it is good to be prepared. You can find us on:

Traveling is and has been a very big part of our family’s life. As a result of that, we have also always been interested to look for different ways to create money in more “unconventional” ways.

With T Harv Eker at the Millionaire Mind in Seattle 2004

With T Harv Eker at the Millionaire Mind in Seattle 2004

The thought of going somewhere, somewhere new, is almost always present in all of us. Well, actually, today we don’t think about traveling as something “exotic” or as some “once in a lifetime” event. Nowadays it’s just a natural part of our life.

We have become very much world citizens. We have our home base in Sweden, but we feel very much like the world is our home.

Through the years, our lifestyle has become more and more “independent” (in the meaning of not having to be in one special place to work, to go to school, to follow the main stream or do what everybody else does). Our lifestyle has evolved over the years thanks to many things.

One challenge we (too) have faced is the financial one. We’ve had our ups and downs and we’ve had, and still have, much focus on creating a “stable” relationship with money.

One of our big breakthroughs in this area came when we participated in a seminar in Seattle some years ago (the whole family, of course) – The Millionaire Mind Intensive. 3 days of working with the mental issues of money and transforming the blueprints we all have around it.

We realized that this is actually the most important thing to get in place for us to be really confident and successful in this area. During these days we learned a lot. We got a whole new view on the subject of money and our own (and other people’s) relationship to it. It totally changed how we look upon ourselves and how we look at money.

After the Millionaire Mind, we have learnt more about money and finances in other, different ways. Especially about creating and investing money. Having learnt the basics though, the psychology behind it have really helped us to understand and to take in all these other parts so much better.

To reinforce all that we got from this seminar, we all volunteered to crew a couple of months ago when the MMI for the first time was launched in Europe, in London.

With T Harv Eker at the Millionaire Mind in London 2009

With T Harv Eker at the Millionaire Mind in London 2009

It really gives everything a new dimension when you can be part of supporting other peoples learning.

Anyway, since it was extremely successful, they are now running the MMI a second time in Europe. It’s in London this time as well, on the 29-31 August 2009.

If you want to create a healthy platform for your financial future we really encourage you to take this opportunity to participate in these days. It doesn’t even have to cost you anything. To support people to raise their financial awareness they even give out a number of tickets for free! Check this out at

It could (will) change your life, it sure changed our!

Sounds great doesn’t it? Well, we all want that of course. But how can it be possible you may wonder. Actually there are many ways to travel for free. Take a look at this guy for example. Many of you might already have bumped into him since he is basically a You Tube phenomenon.

Matt Harding from has been around the world more than once to see all the great sites. And the special thing about him is that he gets paid to do this by a sponsoring chewing gum company.

Now, we are not saying that this is the way for everyone. We are not advising you to try and find a chewing gum company that’s is willing to sponsor you to travel for free if you do silly dances in front of tourist sites. There will probably be very few of you who might be successful in such an attempt.

What we do want to point out with this though, is that there are endless ways to do things. What talents do you need to be able to do what Matt does? Basically none, we would say. The dance doesn’t seem to be too difficult to perform, does it?

We are convinced that anybody can do what Matt does. It’s just about finding your personal way. What are you good at? What are you interested in? What kind of crazy idea could you come up with?

Maybe that one idea is what will take you around the world for free!

Or to paraphrase on something that our friend and mentor T Harv Ecker says:

“Money to travel is never ever a problem. It only takes creativity to travel around the world for free”.

If you have a great idea that you want to share with others please write a comment. Or join the Extended World Travel group on Facebook. We thought that this may be a good place where we can connect with each other. Hope to see you there:grin:

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Creating money to travel can be done in many different ways.

beachlaptopYou can sell something you are ready to give up which will then give you the opportunity to do something else or new with your life. Or, you can take on some extra work or find someone who rents your home. Or your main focus may be on saving money by lowering your costs for some time while having your travel dream as a motivating carrot.

The ways to increase your travel budget are many and depends on your personality and personal circumstances. Have a look at

Creating money to go traveling is one thing. Creating money for an independent lifestyle, where you can go traveling whenever and however long time you want to is something else.

There are several profitable and relatively easy ways to set up a business which gives you an income to rely on while you are on the road (or at home for that matter). Something we ourselves as well as lots of other people who are interested in independent living have discovered is Affiliate Marketing.

This is actually an ancient way of doing business, “nothing new under the sun” as they say. The basic idea with Affiliate Marketing is to get paid a commission if someone buys a product or service on your recommendation.

The new and exciting thing is that now it can all be done over the Internet. It can be automated and it can offer a very high percentage in commission. You can help promote all kind of products, from people from all over the world, to other people all over the world 24/7.

And you don’t even have to be in the “office” to make money. To do this, you don’t have to be a computer genius, some basic computer skills is totally enough.

This can be really fun, as well as extremely profitable. It’s perfect for working from anywhere in the world as it is all automated so you don’t have to sit in front of the computer all the time. You actually earn money while you sleep, or lay on the beach. Or why not use your “free” time to do volunteering and help other people somewhere in the world.

There are two very good books which are voted “best in their field” where you can learn everything imaginable about affiliate marketing and starting your internet business.

One is written by two guys:

The other one by a woman:

Take your pick! We believe they both can be of excellent help to start your independent online business.

FYI: Yes, these two books are affiliate products! If you by chance find this interesting, you click on the links and decide to go ahead with pursuing this kind of lifestyle and way of making a living by buying one of these products, we will eventually get paid.

Important to remember though is that this does not affect the product or the price in any way for the buyer. It is just the author’s way of expressing their gratitude to us for our help to tell people about their product. For this help they are willing to share their revenue with us which is of course very nice of them.

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