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We love Network Travel!  We’d also love to see more people use this way of traveling and build relationships around the world. Here’s how Network Travel can work.

We are a homeschooling family. So, homeschooling is one area we know of and that we sometimes seek contacts within when we travel. When we have been traveling to the USA, New Zealand and Australia for example (or around Europe and even in Sweden where we usually live for that sake) we have got in contact with some different home school networks on the internet. We then write about us and tell people we are going to their country (or area). We ask if they would like to have some fellow homeschoolers come to visit or if someone wants help out with a place to stay or maybe just would want to meet for a cup of tea. We usually get quite a lot of people who answer and want to connect in some way. They invite us to come and stay in their house or to camp in their garden or to show us around when we arrive in their area. To help us find contacts in a place we want to go and where we don’t know anyone.

People around the world are usually very open to and interested in meeting with people whom they share a common interest with. We have traveled, and also stayed for free, for months like this, visiting new friends.

We are also open to helping people who contact us in the same way. We have had visitors from all over the world come to stay. Or we have found somewhere for them to stay in another part of Sweden (it’s actually a big country, but almost empty of people). Or we have met and guided them around in our beautiful capital or just connected in some other way.

Just now we are having a young man from Brazil staying for a while. So, even though we’re at home in Sweden at the moment, we haven’t lost contact with the rest of the world.

Our new friend Tilo, visiting from Brazil, meeting our friendly Hedgehog

Our new friend Tilo, visiting from Brazil, meeting our friendly Hedgehog

We have learned so much from him about his country. We’re all very grateful for not having to worry about Cayman crocodiles when we go swimming in our lake, for example. He has made us all very curious about Brazil and we’ve noticed that we have already started looking in to it in different travel books. It may very well be that South America is a place we’ll be going to in a not too distant future:grin:

So, this way of traveling is both to give and to get. When you travel, you get support in different ways. You also give friendship as well as share of yourself and teach people about your part of the world. You can also give in the form of being open to letting people contact you when they are away from their home.

Network Travel makes the world shrink. It helps you feel at home wherever you go and if you don’t go but stay at home, you can be connected to the rest of the world by having people contact you or coming to visit. It also makes you feel safer – you learn that you have friends everywhere!

Want to learn more about how you can use your networks to travel? Go to our Network Travel section.

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How do you use your time? To do all the things that make you feel complete and happy? How often do you say “I don’t have time”? Don’t have time to call, don’t have time to prepare your favourite food, don’t have time to play with your children, don’t have time to travel?


There was a period in our life when we really didn’t “have time” (well, it does occasionally happen still). Our life was busy with our own company, the children, the big old house, to name a few things. It was just busy, busy.

Then one day, we reached the limit and felt we’d just had enough. We realised we wanted something more out of life. Something totally different than what we had.

Time to just be. Time to be together as a family and experience the world. We wanted excitement, adventure as well as a slower pace and time for each other. We wanted time to travel! So we let go of our company and our house and a few limiting beliefs and took off for 6 months of travel.

Looking back, this was one of the best and one of the most life changing decisions we have made. It did lead us on totally new roads, both literally and mentally. It was everything we had imagined and much more. We came back after half a year as rather different persons. More relaxed, more inspired more close to each other and full of ideas on how we could live our life in a different way. We didn’t join the Rat Race again and we haven’t been there since.

Today, we’re very glad that we really did go on that first long term trip of ours. Many more have followed but this first was the one that really got us on the “live the life you choose” track.

So we want to encourage you to take a look at your own time schedule. How full is it? Is there room for the things that really feel important to you? If not, how can you make room?

Taking some time to travel doesn’t have to mean letting go of everything you do or have though. There are of course many ways to solve issues like your job, your home, the kids school while you are out in the world. We do address many of these issues here on our web page under the I Love To Travel But… section, so please look around to find some ideas and solutions to your specific situation.

And if you want to get some more perspective on the concept of time, there is a fantastic book we can recommend: “Unwinding the Clock”. Read about it in Books we recommend under Time & Travel. It’s written by a Swedish professor of physics, Bodil Jonsson, and it has created a huge amount of interest here in Sweden. And don’t worry about the fact that she’s a professor of physics, it’s really easy and inspiring to read.

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