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Our friends from “Have Kids – Will Travel”, the Bartlett family, are inviting other families to join them for a 7 day family cruise in the Caribbean in January.
The Norwegian Jewel
Sounds absolutely fantastic, doesn’t it? Just imagine taking some time off to join them and lots of other families and having the time to just relax, be together as a family and enjoy the sun, swimming and snorkelling in crystal clear waters, the company of other families, new adventures and create lots of happy memories together!

To us, family and travel is just the perfect combination. When you travel, you just let go of ell the everyday obligations and concerns and experience so many new things: new situations, new places, new people. You see and do things together, experiences that you will have in common and that will make you feel connected.

To travel as a family is just a fantastic way to strengthen your family bonds. And it’s fun! And you all learn so much!

Since the Bartlett’s are experts on inexpensive travel, they have managed to get a very good deal for this cruise. And, as they suggest themselves, why not take the opportunity to give your family the most fantastic Christmas gift (yes, we know, it’s a bit early to think about this now, but you may need some planning) instead of all the other stuff that probably doesn’t last that long anyway.

Why not give yourselves the ultimate holiday gift this year, a cruise in a fantastic location together with your whole family!

We’d sure love to be there ourselves and are looking into it at the moment.

Read more about this opportunity here:

As you can see from the invitation there will be some “Have Kids-Will Travel” seminars where you can learn more travel secrets.

And since many of the “Have Kids-Will Travel” readers and the Bartlett family themselves are homeschoolers we believe that this will be a great opportunity if you are interested in learning more on that subject as well.

Maybe this could even be the perfect opportunity to start you off in that new, independent, traveling lifestyle?

We went on a long hike yesterday. We didn’t hike far away, just around the corner from where we live. We put on our hiking shoes, threw some food into our backpacks and took off. The weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot.

Studying the map before taking off for the hike

Studying the map before taking off for the hike

A virgin forest is not totally easy to walk around in, many “obstacles” to pass

Old-growth forest is not totally easy to walk around in, many “obstacles” to pass

Both big and small enjoyed balancing on the many old fallen trees

Both big and small enjoyed balancing on the many old fallen trees

Part of the hike went through a forest which was protected and hadn’t been cut during the last 300 years. There’s a very special feeling walking in an “old” forest like that, solemn. It makes you quiet and reflective and also amazed over the wonders of nature. Over how well everything fits together. How the big, old fallen trees just lies there, transforming themselves into an abundance of new life. How nothing just stands or lies there by itself but is connected to the whole in some way.

Under the surface in the "Coca Cola" water
Above the surface with a water lilly

Above the surface with a Water Lily - The Swedish Lotus flower

We went swimming in a small forest lake. It had this dark brown water, “coca cola water”, as the kids call it. Swimming around there, with no buildings anywhere around, no cars, no roads, no sounds except the sounds of nature, it felt like it could have been any age: “ let’s see, where are we now, yes 2009, well what does it matter…”

We had a picnic up on a small hill overlooking another bigger lake than the one we went swimming in. Already we were starting to talk about going on a longer hike soon. Maybe for a couple of days? Maybe for a week?

We were two families, eight people, hiking together, and we all seemed to appreciate a lot this time away from “civilization” for a while. No stuff, no computers, no telephones (no connection in the old forest, of course). Just to practice “mindfulness” in the most natural way.

We came back after this one day experience a bit different persons from the ones who earlier that day set off. A bit more relaxed, happy and with a few new insights into things we had had time to reflect upon during our walk.

Time for reflection

Time for reflection

We realized again how much traveling can change you, how much it helps you to grow as a person and to see things more clearly. We were reminded of how profoundly life transformative long term travel can be. Just to leave things behind, not only for a day but maybe for three, six or nine months. Maybe even for a year or more. Here you can really talk about coming back as a different person.

This short hike really opened our eyes and let us see even more clearly how all our traveling has contributed to making us to the people we are today and taking us to the place we are at the moment.

So, to summarize: take some time off and go traveling! A day or a year, whatever you choose it will affect your life in many ways and take you to new places, physically and especially mentally.

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Travel can give you a perspective on life and help you to see all the amazing things that surround you. Viktoria found this video and we think it reflects (in a fun way) rather well this issue of taking things for granted.

In our everyday lives, we take so many things for granted. We stop recognizing all the fantastic things that surround us, everyday, everywhere, all the time.

That’s one of the reasons we think that travel is so amazing. Traveling gives you the opportunity to let go of all the well known things in your life, job, school, home, activities, friends, habits, and gives you the chance to get a new perspective.

Experiencing life in new ways is usually so much easier when you take some steps away from everything you are used to having around you.

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Just think about the expression; to travel. Take a deep breath and think or say it out loud: TRAVEL! What does it awake in you? Happiness, anticipation, adventure, hope, joy, inspiration, energy, relaxation, freedom?

That’s at least some of the things we associate it with and we just guess that you may have a few of these or similar feelings too. And that’s just by thinking about traveling! Now imagine yourself DOING it! Doing some traveling and being in that mindset all the time. That’s powerful!

When you go on a journey, you leave your stuff at home (hopefully, if you don’t bring a truck or so). You also leave parts of yourself. Your habits, daily plans, co workers, friends, family….You leave most of the well known. And to leave something is of course to give place for something new. And creating space for new things, new possibilities, that’s powerful!

You travel and you are exposed to new cultures, new ideas, new people and new challenges.

You’ll get numerous possibilities to use talents you possess that you normally don’t use at home every day. Most of the time, we’re all (at least the vast majority of us) a bit like a car that doesn’t run on all cylinders. It can drive but not with all the force it has the potential to.

To travel is to get the chance to bring forth more of abilities and talents you don’t need to use when you are at home in your daily well known life. To travel is to grow as a person. To travel is to learn about you as well as about other people and about the world. To do some long term traveling is to drive with all your cylinders – to use more of your force! That’s really powerful!

We remember listening to a Tony Robbins tape (yes, it was the days before the mp3 player) where he says something like:

“A ship can lie safely in the harbor, but it’s really built to sail”


You’re very welcome to share some of your travel associations with us. What’s traveling to you?  Please use the contact form

We strongly believe that taking off on a long term journey is excellent for you if you are feeling stuck in some way.

What is very important here is the time frame. It is when you actually leave everything for a longer period of time that you can free yourself from the stress of your everyday life. It is when the “musts” are taken care of that you get the freedom to really find out what’s most important to you.

This is what we are really passionate about. This is why we have set up this website in the first place. Every time we have gone off on a longer journey, it has brought us to a new level in our lives. And now we want to tell the world how great it is.

Staying in one place year after year doing the same thing over and over again makes your life stagnate to a certain degree. You reach a plateau that, at first, is comfortable, but that after a while may make you feel stuck.

A long term journey is a great way to break this pattern and take you to your next stage. A shorter vacation does not offer this solution in the same way. A short break (some days, a couple of weeks) is not long enough and you will be back in the old footsteps as soon as you’re back home.

Extended World Travel doesn’t have to be about going far away or seeing exotic cultures, although this can be a very enjoyable part of it. No, we would probably say that the most important part of life changing travel is to give yourself time.

It’s when you get the time and stop running around in the Rat Race that magical things start to happen.

We will most certainly be coming back to this subject in the future – The Power of Extended World Travel.

In the mean time you are most welcome to contact us if you have any questions!

Happy Travels!

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