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We’re spending the day in Stockholm, our Swedish capital. While sitting here looking out over the water and the Royal Palace, we realize, again, what a beautiful city it is.


You can take a boat out of the city to the archipelago

So we thought we had to share this with you and we also thought that this could even be a series like “our favorite cities around the world”. The first one out then has to be Stockholm, our Venice of the North, as it is called because of all the water everywhere. It’s actually situated on several Islands, and the Archipelago that you find around the city consists of over 30 000 Islands!


Some of the over 30 000 islands

The water is rather clean and if you get hot during your visit, you can even put on your swim suite and go swimming. Some years ago, a well known Swedish politician also showed the world how clean it was by drinking the lake water from outside the House of Parliament! He did survive.

In old town

One of the very narrow streets in the old town

There’s an old town that dates back to the 13th century with some streets so narrow there’s hardly space enough to walk.

Since we don’t want to take the risk of this sounding like a tourist brochure, we’ll stop here and just put up some photos so you can see for yourself what we are talking about.

By the way what is your favorite city?

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