A few posts back we wrote about how to Travel for free or even make money while traveling. Later on we bumped into this man and his unique way of how to get paid to travel. It is an unusual way and definitely not one that we would have thought about.

Stan Grist

Stan Grist

Stan Grist is an adventurer and explorer. Living his life like some Indiana Jones character in pursuit of hidden treasures he travels the world. And apparently he makes good money living out his passion in this way.

It does amaze us that gold prospecting and treasure hunting is a way of making money still in these days. We thought the only money to be made in this area was by writing an adventure book or shooting a film.

Well, this just shows how restricted we are by our limiting beliefs. It shows us as well that it’s possible to make money and travel in almost any way.

How would you do it? What is your passion? How could you travel and make money doing that?

Consider these questions for a while and see what you come up with. It’s like when you’ve just learnt that you will become a parent for the first time. Suddenly you start noticing all the children in the world, who have been there all the time but just not been on your “radar”. In the same way you will discover opportunities with your passion if you give it attention.

And for all you adventurers out there who dream of going exploring and finding hidden treasures. Check out Stan’s website at www.stangrist.com .

Happy Prospecting!

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  • Wow, Stan Grist looks like he has the dream job of every little boy! Okay, maybe one in five little boys ;-) . But exploring lost cities, looking for sunken treasure, and searching for raw diamonds and unknown species … amazing! Love the entire site, by the way – great advice :-) . I did think of a few passions that could be fulfilled while working overseas – for people that like working with children, or enjoy the English language (good writers and readers), teaching English is a solid option with a lot of demand. You could also organize a ‘worker exchange’, like a student exchange, within the company you work for, to take advantage of your particular skills.

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